Chad Dean, aka Dan Malloy




Chad Dean likes cocktails and shirts with collars, slim fit. He likes coffee freshly ground and French pressed, or more recently poured over, and it matters very much to him the kind of soil in which his coffee was grown, just as the quality of life of those who grow coffee matters very much to him. He likes taking his daughter to baseball games and he likes walking with her to buy local handcrafted ice cream from the shop on the corner. He very much likes socks, really nice socks, in bright colors.  Recently he bought a pair of socks on sale for five dollars and the clerk told him that Ben Folds had been right in front of him in line and had given her tickets to his show. But Chad hadn’t noticed Mr. Folds, not because he was so stoned that he could not pay attention, but because he was denying his daughter a variety of near-the-cash-register trinkets.

Chad has been appreciating cannabis for over a decade and writing fiction for a bit longer. He enjoys doing the two together. He has some university degrees and has had some jobs.





Jennifer Lauder, aka Ella Peligrosa

Co-founder/Managing Editor:


jennJennifer Lauder is a mama, writer, feminist, cannabis connoisseuse, storyteller, vegan baker, performance artist, teacher, gardener, grad school dropout, meditator, mediator, and badass, as well as a variety of other nouns and adjectives on the spectrum of being and becoming. She hopes that you don’t take her use of the word ‘is’ to mean that she identifies with a fixed and stable self. Jenn loves salads, hikes, and making art with her girl. She believes that the legalization of cannabis is a step toward the dismantling of institutional racism and a massive societal shift in thinking that could actually bring about world peace.

She tends to be well-liked by both children and cats, a sign that she is warm and trustworthy.