May Day Yoganja at Prism House

  Of the many things best enjoyed outside, yoga and cannabis are at the top of the list. Both are wonderful on their own; in tandem they make a perfect pair; and when mixed with sunshine and fresh air, they are absolutely divine. Beneath a cloudless sky and a canopy of trees on a Sunday in […]

Mindful Wins with Women Grow ReadyPens

  This winter’s Women Grow Leadership Summit in Denver was a carefully and thoughtfully curated experience. Everyone involved in the planning and execution of the event went to great lengths to ensure that participants felt fully immersed in a transformational happening. The speakers were on their A-games, imparting boatloads of knowledge at every moment, and […]

Form and Function: Cloupor Cloutank M4

Cloupor Cloutank M4   What we like: sturdy; powerful, smooth hits; inexpensive; works well with both flower and concentrate; under the right conditions could be used as a tiny club.   Rating: 4/5     The Cloupor Cloutank M4 promises the impossible: an all-in-one system for vaporizing wax and flower for less than $30. […]

THC Molecules Hurtling Through Space

    In a fantastic attempt to combine wearing fancy clothes, enjoying the sunshine, being generally hilarious and hard working, gilded clutches, and liquid marijuana, Sarah Silverman brought her pot to the Emmys. Nominated for her stand up comedy show on HBO, the comedian, writer, actress, and overall wonderful human being stopped by for a […]