Becoming a Canna-Parent

New parent, seasoned smoker     I’m a cannabis smoker, and I have been for about 15 years. I’m good at it, and it’s become something I’m sort of known for. I’m also a new parent. I’ve been a father for a little over a month. To say I’m inexperienced at fatherhood would be an understatement. […]

High Need Parenting: Real Drug Talk

  Most of the stuff that parades as drug education in this country is just rubbish with no foundation in evidence. – Dr. Carl Hart     With legalization of adult-use cannabis in Oregon earlier this month, families in that state and elsewhere are strategizing ways to broach the topic with their children. We at […]

High Need Parenting: Talking with Children about Cannabis

  It was never our plan to talk with our daughter about cannabis when she was seven. We figured we’d wait a few years, until she was ten or eleven. I’d taught fifth graders and I’d taught first; I knew the former to be deeply interested in issues of social justice, rights, and power. They’d mastered […]

High Need Parenting: Playlist for the Car

Time in the car can be tricky for lots of families. Hurtling projectiles, brain piercing shrieks, tiny bodies noodling out of all safety constraints, and, almost ubiquitously, incessant talking. So, journeys of any duration require both fortitude and equanimity, on the part of the driver especially. And we’ve found that this is best accomplished, for […]

High Need Parenting: Cuttlefish & Cabin Fever

  “Imagine an alien that can float through space, with a giant brain shaped like a donut, eight arms growing out of its head, and 3 hearts pumping blue blood. This alien…lives right here on earth…it can hypnotize its prey…or even…become invisible.”  — Kings of Camouflage, NOVA   One of my earliest questions as a stay at […]

High Need Parenting

  In keeping with our pledge to make Weekend Review Kit a site that more accurately reflects our values and our lifestyle, we are relaunching High Need Parenting with a more personal introduction.   Originally we had envisioned the column as just a Q and A, mailbag kind of format, where we put our many […]

Eat the Roach: My Pregnancy, My Birth, My Choice

My daughter’s seventh birthday was just before the winter Solstice. Like many parents, I am prone to nostalgia around this time, as I dig back through my memory to recall that experience, those first days together, and to examine the profound impact her presence has had on the person I’ve become. Among other things (e.g. […]

Out of the Basement: Having The Talk

  When my mom first found out I was a cannabis consumer, it was not pretty. It wasn’t the worst fight that a mother and son have ever had; it wasn’t the worst fight we’d had ourselves. But it was not pretty. She was not happy.   And, in retrospect, I can see how a […]