Oregon Committee Passes Recreational Regulations

Yesterday’s News – June 17, 2015   HB 3400 to regulate cannabis in Oregon Oregon’s joint committee on marijuana finally passed a controversial bill regarding the implementation of a recreational cannabis program and the degree to which localities can determine their own related policies. House Bill 3400 had caused weeks of conflict and stalemate leading […]

NYT Wants More Weed

    Despite all the stress they’ve had to deal with in regards to their favorite daughter — the good one, the one they thought would never give them any trouble — the New York Times Editorial Board has come out strongly in favor of the legalization initiatives on November ballots in Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia.   Believing that […]

Colorado Attempts to Make Amends

Hoping to prevent any more papers of record from eating too much and getting way spun out, Colorado will begin enforcing 30 new regulations for the recreational cannabis industry on the first of October, covering everything from production limits for growers to the training required to sell to consumers. Among the most notable of the new directives is […]