“High Profits” Star Calls for Unity

Yesterday’s News – May 14, 2015     Can’t Weed All Get Along? Katherine Grimm of Clever Gent Consulting and “High Profits” fame published an opinion piece on CNN.com about the fractured state of the cannabis community, imploring industry professionals and advocates alike to get on the same page about policy. She illustrates how infighting […]

Global Demonstrations to End Cannabis Prohibition

Yesterday’s News – May 4, 2015     The Return of Yesterday’s News We at Weekend Review Kit spent most of last week focused on the events in Baltimore related to Freddie Gray’s homicide at the hands of police and the ensuing protests and uprising that were the decisive rallying cries for a community no […]

The Marijuana Middle

Yesterday’s News – March 2, 2015  because nobody’s ready for today yet     According to a new Pew survey, 6 out of 10 of Republicans who identify as Millennials favor cannabis legalization. While recently campaigning in DC we heard a lot about “the marijuana middle,” how it is one of the few issues that both […]

Yesterday’s News — December 23, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet     Even though the federal government announced this month that it will allow Native Americans to cultivate cannabis on their lands, conflicting views on the plant’s potential exist within the various Tribes. Native American leaders have long stressed the dangers of drugs and alcohol, making legal cannabis a […]

Yesterday’s News — December 16, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet     The latest word out of DC: the City Council, led by Chairman Phil Mendelson, will submit a bill implementing Initiative 71 to the U.S. Congress in January as if the omnibus rider referencing the District’s legalization of cannabis hadn’t happened. Congress would then have 30 days to […]