For Both Washingtons, Cannabis Laws in Question

Yesterday’s News – February 17, 2015 because nobody’s ready for today yet     Unless Congress intervenes in the next week or so, cannabis possession and consumption — but not its sale — will be legal in the nation’s capital. Back in November, residents of the District voted overwhelmingly in favor of legalization, while members […]

Yesterday’s News – February 10, 2015

because nobody’s ready for today yet     A hearing scheduled for Monday in Washington, D.C. to discuss plans to regulate and tax recreational cannabis was canceled after District Attorney General Karl Racine sent a letter to the City Council warning them of possible fines and jail time. According to Racine, the proposed meeting was […]

Yesterday’s News – February 5, 2015

because nobody’s ready for today yet     Ever wonder what Thanksgiving dinner is like in the Obama Administration? Do they simply agree never to talk about cannabis reform, the way my family has learned to avoid talking about football in Washington, D.C.? A week after Loretta Lynch said she disagreed with the President’s views on […]

Yesterday’s News – January 30, 2015

because nobody’s ready for today yet     The Washington Post’s Wonkblog calls Loretta Lynch’s implication that alcohol is less dangerous than cannabis “the most controversial thing she said during her confirmation hearing,” noting that both public opinion and government statistics bear out the fact that alcohol is, in fact, a much more dangerous substance. […]

Yesterday’s News – January 29, 2015

because nobody’s ready for today yet     Loretta Lynch, during her confirmation hearing on Wednesday, stated in no uncertain terms that she does not share the President’s opinion on (or experience with) cannabis. When asked by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) if she supported the legalization of marijuana, she emphatically declared that she does not, […]

Yesterday’s News – January 28, 2015

 because nobody’s ready for today yet   Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf told a group of parents on Tuesday he would sign the medical marijuana bill currently being drafted by the state Senate. The culture has changed drastically from only a year ago, when both then-Governor Tom Corbett and House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, who opposed […]

Yesterday’s News – January 27, 2015

 because nobody’s ready for today yet     MBank, which recently made headlines by advertising its willingness to work with the cannabis industry in Colorado, suspended those efforts due to the very minor detail that they don’t actually have any banks in Colorado. MBank says it simply doesn’t have the infrastructure in place to deal […]

Yesterday’s News – January 26, 2015

because nobody’s ready for today yet     In potentially huge news, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued a statement that amends their 2004 position on medical cannabis. The influential group of doctors now supports the decriminalization of cannabis and recognizes its potential for treating a variety of diseases in children. They are […]

Yesterday’s News – January 23, 2015

because nobody’s ready for today yet     As a follow-up to this week’s State of the Union address, three popular YouTube creators interviewed President Obama at the White House on Thursday. The first conversation, with Hank Green, included a discussion of marijuana’s shifting legal status in the U.S. Green, who told the president that […]

Yesterday’s News – January 22, 2015

because nobody’s ready for today yet       An op-ed by the LA Times Editorial Board, citing the Sacramento trial that is asking a judge to consider the constitutionality of cannabis’s Schedule 1 status, calls the federal policy on marijuana “a mess” and implores Washington to take a stand by reclassifying the substance and […]