House of Representatives Extends Medical Marijuana Protection

Yesterday’s News – June 4, 2015     House Blocks DEA From Messing With Medical Marijuana The House of Representatives voted to reauthorize an amendment that would block the federal government from intervening in state legal medical marijuana programs on Wednesday. Passed by a vote of 242-186, the amendment, which was first introduced last year, […]

Global Demonstrations to End Cannabis Prohibition

Yesterday’s News – May 4, 2015     The Return of Yesterday’s News We at Weekend Review Kit spent most of last week focused on the events in Baltimore related to Freddie Gray’s homicide at the hands of police and the ensuing protests and uprising that were the decisive rallying cries for a community no […]

Bill Would Force Feds to Respect State Cannabis Laws

Yesterday’s News – April 23, 2015   Respect State Marijuana Laws Act Introduced in the House Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), together with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, introduced legislation yesterday that would force the federal government to acknowledge state cannabis laws and prevent prosecution for marijuana activity that complies with state law. The bill comes […]

Marijuana May Make You Crazy, But Alcohol Will Kill You

Yesterday’s News – February 23, 2015 because nobody’s ready for today yet     Last week the big news was “skunk” and how it was going to turn us all into “psychotics.” This week were starting off with some more positive findings. A new study published by Scientific Reports indicates that not only is cannabis […]