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Yesterday’s News – February 25, 2015 because nobody’s ready for today yet     It’s an important week for cannabis supporters: yesterday, Alaska became the third state to legalize recreational marijuana, and tomorrow, DC will join legalization pioneers as Initiative 71 goes into effect. The Associated Press has the details on Alaska: abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/alaska-3rd-state-legal-marijuana-29172331   The […]

Yesterday’s News – January 30, 2015

because nobody’s ready for today yet     The Washington Post’s Wonkblog calls Loretta Lynch’s implication that alcohol is less dangerous than cannabis “the most controversial thing she said during her confirmation hearing,” noting that both public opinion and government statistics bear out the fact that alcohol is, in fact, a much more dangerous substance. […]

Yesterday’s News – December 17, 2014  

because nobody’s ready for today yet       According to the 2014 Monitoring the Future Study, conducted by the University of Michigan and The National Institutes on Drug Abuse, marijuana consumption among teens was down over the past year. This evidence stands in stark contrast to the insistences of prohibitionists like Andy Harris that […]

Yesterday’s News — December 16, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet     The latest word out of DC: the City Council, led by Chairman Phil Mendelson, will submit a bill implementing Initiative 71 to the U.S. Congress in January as if the omnibus rider referencing the District’s legalization of cannabis hadn’t happened. Congress would then have 30 days to […]

The Other Washington

    Four weeks before an Election Day that will see cannabis legalization on the ballot in the nation’s capital, the District’s city council initially approved a bill that would allow residents to seal records involving marijuana offenses that are no longer crimes under current law. In March, the council decriminalized possession of small amounts of cannabis, with $25 […]

Maryland Has No Idea What It’s Doing With Marijuana

    A law that decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana goes into effect in Maryland today, prompting both legalization advocates and the cannabis-opposed to ask the state what the hell it is thinking.   The legislation, which was signed into law in April by Governor Martin O’Malley, an outspoken opponent of legalization and […]

Philly: Up To 30 Grams More Brotherly Love

    Would you like to contribute $25 to the City of Philadelphia? While carrying up to 30 grams of cannabis? Without obtaining a criminal record? Well, rejoice, Philadelphians, now you finally can: yours is about to become the largest U.S. city to decriminalize possession of non-medicinal marijuana. So bring a sack, ayo it’s Saturday, it’s gonna be […]