Not Everyone As Excited As We Are About Legal Cannabis

    In Washington and Colorado, dissenters are speaking out against laws that legalized recreational marijuana in both states, calling the end of prohibition “hypocritical” and “reckless.” Opposition is coming from, in these cases, Mount Calvary Christian Center in Seattle’s Central District and Colorado’s own Governor Hickenlooper.   Churchgoers took to the streets of the […]

Who’s Got $449,980 Sitting in the Trunk of Our Car?

  Our car, Walter? No, not our car. However, federal agents did seize that amount of cash from the trunk of Denver lawyer David Furtado’s car on November 21, 2013 in what The Denver Post calls “the largest ever federal raids on the Colorado marijuana industry.”   Furtado, along with Gerardo Uribe (who owns several […]

Out of the Basement: The Right Medicine

In the spirit of “coming out of the basement,” Weekend Review Kit brings you stories from people who demonstrate that cannabis can have a powerful positive impact on our lives and on the world.     Driving home this evening I heard about the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the U.S. No one was […]

Cannabis — You Know, For Kids

    NORML is reporting that, for the first time ever, Colorado recreational cannabis consumers have contributed more in tax revenue than the medicinal community.   The roughly $29.7 million spent on recreational sales in July just edged out medicinal spending, which came in at around $28.9 million, and, as the article points out, this is despite […]