More Bipartisan Support for CARERS Act

Yesterday’s News – March 12, 2015     Recently introduced federal medical marijuana legislation would allow patients to breathe easier, even in states with legal recreational cannabis. In addition to reclassifying cannabis as a Schedule II substance (downgrading it from its current Schedule I status) and opening the doors for more research, the bill would […]

High Country Healing: Holiday, Oh Holiday

High Country Healing 191 Blue River Parkway, #202, Silverthorne, CO  80498 Why you should go: ski lodge party atmosphere; options for creating intoxicating bubbly cocktails; you own a hot tub or could see yourself in one; you are used to the finest of the finer things   It’s been strictly business for us since we touched […]

Yesterday’s News – January 8, 2015

because nobody’s ready for today yet       Nothing you’ll read here today matters so much as what happened yesterday at Charlie Hebdo’s office in Paris. We write today in their honor.   The latest update on surrounding states’ lawsuit against Colorado’s cannabis policy: Utah has no intentions of joining the effort to sue its […]

Yesterday’s News — December 23, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet     Even though the federal government announced this month that it will allow Native Americans to cultivate cannabis on their lands, conflicting views on the plant’s potential exist within the various Tribes. Native American leaders have long stressed the dangers of drugs and alcohol, making legal cannabis a […]

Yesterday’s News – December 22, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet     The Denver Post Editorial Board offers a compelling response to the lawsuit filed against Colorado and its cannabis regulations by Nebraska and Oklahoma, echoing Colorado AG’s assertion that the legal action is “without merit.” The Post urges the Supreme Court to refuse to take up the case, […]

Yesterday’s News – December 19, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet       Oklahoma and Nebraska are apparently so jealous of Colorado’s recent cannabis boom that they’ve reacted like the bitter adolescent whose older, cooler sister threw a party while the parents were away: they’ve tattled. And to the highest court in the land, no less. The Attorneys General for […]

Yesterday’s News – December 11, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet     Activists took to the streets of D.C. yesterday evening to protest a spending bill rider that would negate the District’s vote to legalize cannabis. Members of the DC Cannabis Campaign occupied Sen. Harry Reid’s office in the afternoon before an unsuccessful meeting with his advisors and left […]

What’s Holder Holding?

  In another enigmatic declaration (or was it just an echo from his interview with the Huffington Post back in April?), U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder described his perspective on legal cannabis in Colorado and Washington as “cautiously optimistic” to CNN on Monday. While he was not exactly resolute in his support – he still referred to the situation as a “problem” […]

Update: Colorado Health Officials Drop Plan to Ban Edibles

    After sending the legal cannabis industry into a frenzy earlier in the week, Colorado’s health department quickly abandoned its recommendation to prohibit the sale of most marijuana-infused edibles because the proposal was likely unconstitutional. Oh, and because edibles comprise about 45 percent of recreational cannabis sales, and that’s a whole lot of money.   For more details, see John […]

Keep Your Kid Out of My Stash

    Health officials in Colorado are looking to ban cannabis-infused edibles such as brownies, cookies, and most candies because they are “naturally attractive to children,” according to a recommendation to marijuana regulators from the state’s Department of Public Health and Environment. The Health Department claims many edibles violate laws that prevent the marketing of marijuana to children.   If […]