Strain Reviews: Orange Sour Dub

Mindful’s Orange Sour Dub   What we enjoyed: smells like Chinese food; made everything powerfully hilarious; the right combination of uplifting and relaxing; perfect for an afternoon with friends.     The train from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport to central station takes about 20 minutes. It always felt like a lot longer than that. Recalibrating from […]

Fat Bags of Skunk and White Owl Blunts

Yesterday’s News – March 4, 2015 because nobody’s ready for today yet     The three remaining defendants in the case of the Kettle Falls Five were found guilty of growing fewer than 100 marijuana plants on Tuesday but not guilty of the far more serious charges of conspiracy, distributing, and firearms possession. The case […]

Strain Reviews: Lemon G13

  The Clinic’s Lemon G13   What we enjoyed: intensely uplifting high, good for focus and productivity, tastes like grapefruit brûlée, all the crazy stories we ever heard about the origins of this enigmatic strain, the chance to play detective as you search for clues in the cannabis     “I’m telling you, my friend’s brother got […]

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Stalled by Local Officials

  Long before legal recreational marijuana became a reality anywhere in the U.S., Amsterdam was the cannabis capital of the world and a journey to Holland to sample the coffee shops was a rite of passage for pot enthusiasts. For the past 27 years, Thanksgiving Week has signaled the annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, a […]

Out of the Basement: A Manifesto

  The basement in the house where I grew up was unfinished, crammed with woodworking tools, a full drum kit, shelves of books and photo albums and records, filing cabinets containing decades worth of paystubs and utility bills, boxes of toys and porcelain dolls and art projects. Always cold, always dark, it smelled like dirt and […]