Morgan Freeman on Marijuana Legalization

Yesterday’s News – May 7, 2015     Morgan Freeman Loves Marijuana Morgan Freeman has long been vocal about his cannabis use, and he recently talked with The Daily Beast about legalization. The 77-year-old actor credits cannabis with relieving fibromyalgia pain brought on by devastating injuries he sustained in an automobile accident seven years ago […]

Home Grow, Home Use

Yesterday’s News – February 25, 2015 because nobody’s ready for today yet     It’s an important week for cannabis supporters: yesterday, Alaska became the third state to legalize recreational marijuana, and tomorrow, DC will join legalization pioneers as Initiative 71 goes into effect. The Associated Press has the details on Alaska:   The […]

The Future of Legalization: It’s Your Day, Alaska

  Today is a big day for cannabis connoisseurs everywhere, but especially in Alaska, as The Last Frontier became the third state to allow recreational cannabis use by adults.   (It’s also a big day for AP photographer Mark Thiessen, whose picture of Charlo Greene was used in almost every article I looked at to […]

Yesterday’s News – January 30, 2015

because nobody’s ready for today yet     The Washington Post’s Wonkblog calls Loretta Lynch’s implication that alcohol is less dangerous than cannabis “the most controversial thing she said during her confirmation hearing,” noting that both public opinion and government statistics bear out the fact that alcohol is, in fact, a much more dangerous substance. […]

Yesterday’s News – January 28, 2015

 because nobody’s ready for today yet   Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf told a group of parents on Tuesday he would sign the medical marijuana bill currently being drafted by the state Senate. The culture has changed drastically from only a year ago, when both then-Governor Tom Corbett and House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, who opposed […]

Yesterday’s News – December 19, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet       Oklahoma and Nebraska are apparently so jealous of Colorado’s recent cannabis boom that they’ve reacted like the bitter adolescent whose older, cooler sister threw a party while the parents were away: they’ve tattled. And to the highest court in the land, no less. The Attorneys General for […]

Yesterday’s News – December 11, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet     Activists took to the streets of D.C. yesterday evening to protest a spending bill rider that would negate the District’s vote to legalize cannabis. Members of the DC Cannabis Campaign occupied Sen. Harry Reid’s office in the afternoon before an unsuccessful meeting with his advisors and left […]

Yesterday’s News — December 4, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet     With BHO use on the rise and many recreational customers saying they prefer concentrated forms of cannabis to flower, some in the industry are beginning to look more closely at its long term effects. This year’s Global Drug Survey, one of the largest ever of its kind, […]

Conscious Connoisseur Award: You (If You Voted)

  One week ago today three more states voted to completely legalize recreational marijuana. In a midterm election with historically low turnouts that leaned heavily Republican, voters still came out in force to continue the process of ending cannabis prohibition.   Today we’re giving out a Conscious Connoisseur Award to the voters around the country, […]

The Future of Legalization: Alaska’s Ballot Measure 2

  The Law, Briefly   With about 52 percent of the vote, Alaska passed Ballot Measure 2 and became the fourth state in two years to legalize recreational marijuana while taxing and regulating sales. (For comprehensive coverage from the Alaska Dispatch News, click here.)   Once the measure becomes law it will be legal to possess […]