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Out of the Basement: The Right Medicine

In the spirit of “coming out of the basement,” Weekend Review Kit brings you stories from people who demonstrate that cannabis can have a powerful positive impact on our lives and on the world.     Driving home this evening I heard about the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the U.S. No one was […]

Conscious Connoisseur Award (B.S. Division): Bill Simmons

  Weekend Review Kit likes sports. For as long as we can remember sports have been part of the fabric of our families. Now that many of us at WRK have families of our own, we try to pass along the finest aspects of those traditions to our children. Being a gracious winner and picking […]

Functioning Member: Rules for Shopping

We have a lot going on these days. We’ve got jobs, job interviews, business dinners where we will finally get a workable schedule that we will stick to for our start-ups, weddings, date nights, parent-teacher conferences, and cat puke to clean up. For all this, we feel like it is time for a new shirt. […]

Conscious Connoisseur Award: Charlo Greene

  Perhaps you’ve heard of Charlo Greene? Well, maybe you hadn’t last week, but if you have yet to see her fantastic resignation from KTVA News, you should stop reading and watch it now. She’s about to become your idol.   Not since Sarah Palin’s flummoxing attempt at the Vice Presidency has the nation’s attention been […]

Eat the Roach: I put a WRK sticker on Sartre’s face

  When I started using cannabis it had a seriously masculine mystique. My initial experience was with a group of guys – neighbors, we’d all grown up together – at a party. I’d brought my girlfriends with me, but none of them wanted to go outside onto the deck to smoke a bowl, and I […]

Out of the Basement: A Manifesto

  The basement in the house where I grew up was unfinished, crammed with woodworking tools, a full drum kit, shelves of books and photo albums and records, filing cabinets containing decades worth of paystubs and utility bills, boxes of toys and porcelain dolls and art projects. Always cold, always dark, it smelled like dirt and […]

Functioning Member: Wedding Etiquette

  Outdoor weddings, at the glorious instant between summer and fall when it’s cool enough to wear a suit comfortably all day, are a wonderful thing. Cannabis outside is also a wonderful thing. However, many of us, even those who live in places where marijuana is legal, must negotiate some delicate situations. You know it’s okay […]

Weekend Review Kit is…

    Weekend Review Kit is a digital magazine of informed reviews, news updates, and feature pieces of cultural relevance for the conscious cannabis connoisseur.   Weekend Review Kit is a forum for those who know that cannabis users are productive, intelligent, valuable members of diverse communities.   Weekend Review Kit is redefining cannabis culture.