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High Need Parenting: Somebody’s Got to Eat It

High Need Parenting…because every child is a high need child, and cannabis can only help so much. Send us your questions: weekendreviewkit (at) gmail (dot) com     All this talk of edibles in my kid’s candy has me really nervous. Would it be better to tell him that Halloween, this thing he loved, is now […]

Out of the Basement: Smarty Pants

  I was at a party recently, chatting with a small group of people I didn’t know about Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos show. “I’ve always wondered if he gets high,” I ventured – sure that I was taking a chance – and was met with the silence I’d anticipated. So I just went for it: […]

The City of Seattle Knows You’re Guilty, Or, Yeah…Totally Kafkaesque

  If you are the owner of a Seattle-based medical marijuana business, please note that you are now required by law to submit regulatory application materials in triplicate by the end of this business day to the proper authorities. Failure to do so will result in the revocation of your licensure as well as the […]

Out of the Basement: For My Daughter

  “I’m going to be in High Times.”   This explains why my friend, normally a subdued fellow, is bouncing in place a bit in my living room. It’s why I start bouncing with him.   “Really? Congrats man. Wow, that’s amazing. I always wanted to be in High Times.”   “Yeah, me too. It’ll […]

Functioning Member: Do You Like Apples?

      The pumpkin spice takeover came so swiftly. First it was the pumpkin spice latte at various local coffee shops and national coffee chains. Then it was a few things at Trader Joes. Then it was all things at Trader Joes. Now it seems like every product on the grocery store shelf has […]

Out of the Basement: That Path is for Your Steps Alone

  There’s a battle brewing in the cannabis community, another controversy brought on by marijuana-tease, the New York Times. This time the paper of record has gone and pitted sophisticated cannabis consumers against Birkenstock-wearing salt of the earth stoners, and comments sections and social media pages have been lit up in the days since with dueling combustion […]

Functioning Member: Basking in Baseball Magic

  Sometimes stereotypes are stereotypes because they’re true. Like how all pitchers are superstitious or how well all food goes with cannabis. A baseball game, particularly if you are blessed enough to live in Denver or Seattle, presents the opportunity to bask in the marvelous sweet spot that is relaxing outside, watching neurotic athletes while […]

Eat the Roach: Cannabis and the Social Construction of Motherhood

“There is nothing revolutionary whatsoever about the control of women’s bodies by men.  The woman’s body is the terrain on which patriarchy is erected.” — Adrienne Rich, Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Institution and Experience     Women in cannabis were big news last week, between Charlo Greene launching her crusade for legal marijuana in […]