Mayor of Boston Doesn’t Like Cannabis, Social Justice

Yesterday’s News – June 2, 2015     Boston Mayor States Opposition To Learning Things Although some feel that the 2016 legalization of recreational cannabis in Massachusetts is inevitable, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has come forward as the voice of dissention. “I view it as a gateway drug,” Walsh told the Boston Globe, “Some people […]

Catching Up With Yesterday’s News

Yesterday’s News – June 1, 2015     Sometimes you just need a bit of time off from reading ALL the cannabis news ALL the time. We admit we’ve got some catching up to do, and we intend to do it quickly:   Are Veterans a Step Closer to MMJ? We sure hope so. The […]

Field Guide Documents Cannabis in Photos

Yesterday’s News – May 21, 2015     Cannabis Coffee Table Book Featured on NPR Everyone’s favorite quiet talkers are celebrating what they call a “glamour moment” for cannabis, the publication of Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana. The coffee table book, by strategist Dan Michaels and California photographer Erik Christiansen, documents almost 200 strains […]

Bernie Sanders’ Plan for Pot

Yesterday’s News – May 20, 2015     Bernie Sanders is From Vermont, So He’s Cool During a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders pointed to his home state of Vermont – and his track record of cannabis friendly policies – to illustrate how marijuana reform would look under his administration: “The […]

Cannabis Plants on Hold for Pesticide Use

Yesterday’s News – May 19, 2015   Denver Grows Investigated for Pesticides Growing any crop on a large scale can be tricky business, and there are numerous unpredictable factors when dealing with industrial cannabis cultivation. Mites, mold, and fungus are all cause for alarm when they infiltrate your marijuana plants, but the chemicals used to […]

National Geographic’s Cannabis Cover

Yesterday’s News – May 18, 2015     Another Major Magazine’s Cannabis Cover Not to be outdone by TIME, National Geographic has produced its own cannabis cover story. In “Weed: The New Science of Marijuana,” the magazine delves into the various disciplines that might comprise a cannabis science, through anecdotal accounts of such cannabis luminaries […]

Rosenberg to Head DEA

Yesterday’s News – May 15, 2015     DPA Skewers DEA With Satirical Ad In what was perhaps their final farewell and good riddance to outgoing DEA head Michele Leonhart, Drug Policy Alliance produced a mock job ad for a new leader of the struggling agency. The ad claims the DEA is looking for “a […]

“High Profits” Star Calls for Unity

Yesterday’s News – May 14, 2015     Can’t Weed All Get Along? Katherine Grimm of Clever Gent Consulting and “High Profits” fame published an opinion piece on about the fractured state of the cannabis community, imploring industry professionals and advocates alike to get on the same page about policy. She illustrates how infighting […]

Weed in Texas Goes Commercial

Yesterday’s News – May 13, 2015   Texas Cannabis Commercial The Texas legislature is currently considering two cannabis bills: HB2165, which would legalize marijuana in the state, and HB507, which would decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis. It’s clear that the latter has a much greater chance of passing, so Texans for Responsible Marijuana […]

Oregon’s Stalemate Over Medical Cannabis

Yesterday’s News – May 12, 2015       Oregon Marijuana Committee Argues Over Local Control The joint committee charged with implementing Oregon’s Initiative 91 can agree on almost everything, except the issue of local control over medical marijuana facilities. In order to prevent diversion of product to the black market, the group of lawmakers […]