Strain Reviews: Moonshine Haze

Pink House’s Moonshine Haze (Rare Dankness Seeds)   What we enjoyed: high THC content, mellow mental clarity, left us uplifted and level headed, made us all geniuses   Rating: 5/5       Weekend Review Kit’s editorial team had our work cut out for us. We had to eat brunch at one of the best restaurants […]

Strain Reviews: Alice in Wonderland

Cannasol Farms Alice in Wonderland: 13.60% THCA, 0.96% THC (15.11% total THC), 0.15% CBD   What we enjoyed: euphoric, stimulating, active high; we laughed a lot; great for outdoor, daytime activities     I’d never tried Alice in Wonderland before we found some at Cannabis City. It was not a strain I’d encountered often, but it […]

Strain Reviews: Blue Dream

NuGreen Blue Dream: 19.30% THC, 0.07% CBD   What we enjoyed: physically relaxing and mentally clear high; an experience that felt a lot like yoga: grounding, balanced, awareness-inducing   Rating: 4.75/5     Blue Dream is a popular strain, a favorite of many, a sativa-dominant hybrid of noble lineage, and my new best friend. Since it […]