Conscious Connoisseur Award: You (If You Voted)

  One week ago today three more states voted to completely legalize recreational marijuana. In a midterm election with historically low turnouts that leaned heavily Republican, voters still came out in force to continue the process of ending cannabis prohibition.   Today we’re giving out a Conscious Connoisseur Award to the voters around the country, […]

The Future of Legalization: D.C.’s Initiative 71

  The Law, Briefly   With 69 percent of voters checking yes on Initiative 71, Washington DC approved marijuana legalization by the largest margin of any state. The initiative had broad support, with citizens of every age, gender, race, and ethnicity backing legalization, and won all but one of the city’s precincts.   The Legalization […]

The Future of Legalization: Alaska’s Ballot Measure 2

  The Law, Briefly   With about 52 percent of the vote, Alaska passed Ballot Measure 2 and became the fourth state in two years to legalize recreational marijuana while taxing and regulating sales. (For comprehensive coverage from the Alaska Dispatch News, click here.)   Once the measure becomes law it will be legal to possess […]

The Future of Legalization: Oregon’s Measure 91

  The Law, Briefly   Measure 91 will go into effect on July 1, 2015, at which point anyone over the age of 21 can posses up to an ounce in public and up to eight ounces (eight ounces!) in their home, along with four plants. Households may also posses up to 16 ounces of […]

Out of the Basement: Come Out and Smoke the Vote

    My family just went to vote. It was an altogether underwhelming affair. So much so, in fact, that my six-year-old looked at me and said, “This is it? We came here for this?” My polling place is conveniently located at the fire station across the street and down the block; it’s not as if […]

Functioning Member: To Market, To Market

    Weekend Review Kit likes to take care of our bodies. It’s important to us that we, whenever possible, provide ourselves with sustenance that is both healthy and delicious. To make truly great food you need great ingredients, but that doesn’t have to mean spending all your hard earned money at Whole Paycheck. Farmers […]

High Need Parenting: Somebody’s Got to Eat It

High Need Parenting…because every child is a high need child, and cannabis can only help so much. Send us your questions: weekendreviewkit (at) gmail (dot) com     All this talk of edibles in my kid’s candy has me really nervous. Would it be better to tell him that Halloween, this thing he loved, is now […]

Out of the Basement: Smarty Pants

  I was at a party recently, chatting with a small group of people I didn’t know about Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos show. “I’ve always wondered if he gets high,” I ventured – sure that I was taking a chance – and was met with the silence I’d anticipated. So I just went for it: […]

Out of the Basement: For My Daughter

  “I’m going to be in High Times.”   This explains why my friend, normally a subdued fellow, is bouncing in place a bit in my living room. It’s why I start bouncing with him.   “Really? Congrats man. Wow, that’s amazing. I always wanted to be in High Times.”   “Yeah, me too. It’ll […]