High Need Parenting

  In keeping with our pledge to make Weekend Review Kit a site that more accurately reflects our values and our lifestyle, we are relaunching High Need Parenting with a more personal introduction.   Originally we had envisioned the column as just a Q and A, mailbag kind of format, where we put our many […]

Eat the Roach: My Pregnancy, My Birth, My Choice

My daughter’s seventh birthday was just before the winter Solstice. Like many parents, I am prone to nostalgia around this time, as I dig back through my memory to recall that experience, those first days together, and to examine the profound impact her presence has had on the person I’ve become. Among other things (e.g. […]

Out of the Basement: Having The Talk

  When my mom first found out I was a cannabis consumer, it was not pretty. It wasn’t the worst fight that a mother and son have ever had; it wasn’t the worst fight we’d had ourselves. But it was not pretty. She was not happy.   And, in retrospect, I can see how a […]

Out of the Basement: Please Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Happy New Year from Weekend Review Kit! We’re glad to be back.     At the end of every November, as we’re staring stonily into the eyes of the holiday season, we’re sure we have December under control. We think: December will not win this year; we are prepared. We are prepared for three birthdays […]

Holiday Gifts for Cool People: Fancy Glass

What kind of cool people will like it: dedicated and classy cannabis aficionados, people with who like handmade but affordable one-of-a-kind works of art, Winnie the Pooh   Some cool places you might find it: Illuzion Glass Galleries 238 Broadway Denver CO 80203 (720.420.0211), Clear Choice Cannabis 8001 South Hosmer Street Tacoma WA 98408 (253.444.5444), […]

Holiday Gifts for Cool People: Singles by Future Islands

Singles by Future Islands   What kind of cool people will like it: people who really, truly, deeply care; those who fondly remember The Breakfast Club; anyone with a broken heart who knows it’s all going to be okay.   Some cool places you might find it: Celebrated Summer Records 3616 Falls Road Baltimore MD 21211 […]

Functioning Member: Holiday Shopping

  Whatever your December plans are, they most likely involve some kind of gift giving. Maybe it’s a work swap, a small token for someone special, a student-loan size credit card debt on doll accessories, or a sparkling white luxury car with red ribbon just right for perfectly manicured families. Even before we had a […]

Holiday Gifts for Cool People: Saga Deluxe Edition Volume One

Saga Deluxe Edition Volume One by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples   What kind of cool people would like it: Star Wars fans, Shakespeare fans, fans of strong female characters, exhausted new parents who know they’re still hip.   Some cool places you might find it: Atomic Books  3620 Falls Rd Baltimore MD (410.662.4444), Tattered Cover […]

Thanksgiving Cannabis Carrot Cake

  I don’t remember when it became our tradition to make this carrot cake each Thanksgiving. It’s not really a Thanksgiving dessert; my mom got the recipe from a friend when I was a kid and made it every now and then, on special occasions, and it was always a hit. As a child, of […]

Functioning Member: A Day at the Museum

  It’s Thanksgiving Week. If you’re lucky you’ve got some free time, but it might be tricky to figure out what to do with it in the midst of any number of the following: lingering houseguests, non-preferred family members, excruciating traffic, uncomfortable guest room futons, and tense conversations about current events. With recent colder temperatures […]