High Tea Honors Mothers of a Movement

  Women of cannabis have been getting a lot of attention lately, and rightly so. Leaders in many arenas, from activism and education to business and politics, they’re setting the tone for a new industry and igniting a conversation that’s pulling in voices you might not expect to hear in the cannabis space. Due in […]

Right Livelihood: Bay Area Remedies’ Medical Cannabis Aspirations

      It’s a strange, uncertain time for cannabis. While Colorado receives national attention for its robust medical and recreational marijuana markets, many places on the East Coast are still trying to open their first dispensaries. Following the passage of an actual workable medical cannabis law last year, Maryland is set to issue licenses […]

WRK Poets: Maria Williams-Russell

April and However Long After by Maria Williams-Russell   I have been watching you spread a small wind over the table setting the table with ghost forks, transparent plates what will we eat I wonder   Upstairs you slip under the covers of my bed the sheets float and settle over the mound of you […]

The Future of Legalization: SSDP’s Betty Aldworth

   It’s not hyperbole to say that Betty Aldworth is a rock star in the cannabis movement. As the advocacy director for Colorado’s successful Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in 2012, a former deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, and current executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, she has perhaps […]

Married Jane: Liz and Will Fitch of Green Delta Consulting

  Liz and Will Fitch have had a busy year. They launched a business, purchased their first home, and got married – all within a month’s time – and life hasn’t slowed down since. Their cannabis business firm, Green Delta Consulting, boasts the motto “always compliant, never complacent,” and Liz and Will have worked tirelessly […]

Baltimore: Drug War Casualty

    The first thing I notice is all the garbage, then the assembling crowd. All have something in their hands. It’s mostly shovels and brooms. The mess has been neatly collected in heavy-duty black trash bags and piled up in front of a store with broken windows. It’s just past 10 in the morning. […]

Marijuana Monkey Murders with Adam Eidinger

  “Pick a few monkeys…and kill them.”     I sit before a victorious Adam Eidinger at a table bearing the spoils of that victory. Fliers and stickers and a few information cards that double as joint tips are strewn about the long workspace, along with the material for hats he’s sewing for his next project. […]

WRK Wants You!

Weekend Review Kit is seeking contributors who want to develop a relationship with an emerging digital publication in the cannabis sector. Our site was conceived with this goal in mind: to present authentic perspectives on the modern recreational cannabis consumer and modern cannabis culture in order to change mainstream perceptions about marijuana. We believe that […]

Weekend Review Kit Is On Spring Break

    Even though it isn’t really spring and, according to our daughter, it never will be. We don’t blame her. Warm weather might never return. Weekend Review Kit will be back in one week though, un-tanned and, like the song says: “running through so much grass my shoes need cleats.” If the grass ever […]