Out of the Basement: For My Daughter

  “I’m going to be in High Times.”   This explains why my friend, normally a subdued fellow, is bouncing in place a bit in my living room. It’s why I start bouncing with him.   “Really? Congrats man. Wow, that’s amazing. I always wanted to be in High Times.”   “Yeah, me too. It’ll […]

Out of the Basement: That Path is for Your Steps Alone

  There’s a battle brewing in the cannabis community, another controversy brought on by marijuana-tease, the New York Times. This time the paper of record has gone and pitted sophisticated cannabis consumers against Birkenstock-wearing salt of the earth stoners, and comments sections and social media pages have been lit up in the days since with dueling combustion […]

Out of the Basement: The Right Medicine

In the spirit of “coming out of the basement,” Weekend Review Kit brings you stories from people who demonstrate that cannabis can have a powerful positive impact on our lives and on the world.     Driving home this evening I heard about the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the U.S. No one was […]

Out of the Basement: A Manifesto

  The basement in the house where I grew up was unfinished, crammed with woodworking tools, a full drum kit, shelves of books and photo albums and records, filing cabinets containing decades worth of paystubs and utility bills, boxes of toys and porcelain dolls and art projects. Always cold, always dark, it smelled like dirt and […]