How to Consume Cannabis Properly at a Concert

  Live music is community. It’s “the record of an event,” a chance for us all to be together in one place, listening to the same sounds, breathing in the shared air, and creating an instantaneous neighborhood of commonality and diversity. The members of Weekend Review Kit have been going to summer concerts in the […]

Functioning Member: Lousy Smarch Weather

  It will be 60 degrees today, for two hours, if you are standing in the sun. Yesterday it was near freezing and so windy we could feel blasts of leftover winter plowing through our upstairs windows. Friday’s forecast features a picture of a snowflake. It’s making us a little crazy; all we want is […]

Functioning Member: Call It Compulsive, Call It Insane

  This is a highly anticipated week for fans of established bands, with Belle and Sebastian and The Decemberists both releasing new material on Tuesday, not to mention the return of Sleater-Kinney. Weekend Review Kit is excited, so excited that we’re making a special trip to our local late night record shop, but we’re going in […]

Functioning Member: Holiday Shopping

  Whatever your December plans are, they most likely involve some kind of gift giving. Maybe it’s a work swap, a small token for someone special, a student-loan size credit card debt on doll accessories, or a sparkling white luxury car with red ribbon just right for perfectly manicured families. Even before we had a […]

Functioning Member: A Day at the Museum

  It’s Thanksgiving Week. If you’re lucky you’ve got some free time, but it might be tricky to figure out what to do with it in the midst of any number of the following: lingering houseguests, non-preferred family members, excruciating traffic, uncomfortable guest room futons, and tense conversations about current events. With recent colder temperatures […]

Functioning Member: To Market, To Market

    Weekend Review Kit likes to take care of our bodies. It’s important to us that we, whenever possible, provide ourselves with sustenance that is both healthy and delicious. To make truly great food you need great ingredients, but that doesn’t have to mean spending all your hard earned money at Whole Paycheck. Farmers […]

Functioning Member: Do You Like Apples?

      The pumpkin spice takeover came so swiftly. First it was the pumpkin spice latte at various local coffee shops and national coffee chains. Then it was a few things at Trader Joes. Then it was all things at Trader Joes. Now it seems like every product on the grocery store shelf has […]

Functioning Member: Basking in Baseball Magic

  Sometimes stereotypes are stereotypes because they’re true. Like how all pitchers are superstitious or how well all food goes with cannabis. A baseball game, particularly if you are blessed enough to live in Denver or Seattle, presents the opportunity to bask in the marvelous sweet spot that is relaxing outside, watching neurotic athletes while […]

Functioning Member: Rules for Shopping

We have a lot going on these days. We’ve got jobs, job interviews, business dinners where we will finally get a workable schedule that we will stick to for our start-ups, weddings, date nights, parent-teacher conferences, and cat puke to clean up. For all this, we feel like it is time for a new shirt. […]

Functioning Member: Wedding Etiquette

  Outdoor weddings, at the glorious instant between summer and fall when it’s cool enough to wear a suit comfortably all day, are a wonderful thing. Cannabis outside is also a wonderful thing. However, many of us, even those who live in places where marijuana is legal, must negotiate some delicate situations. You know it’s okay […]