Sweet Grass Kitchen Sets the Standard

  The wild popularity of edibles has been one of the biggest surprises in the new cannabis economy. An appealing alternative to smoking for medical patients and social users alike, this category accounted for 45 percent of the recreational marketplace in Colorado in 2014. At the same time, edibles have gotten a bad wrap. Between […]

Conscious Connoisseur Award: You (If You Voted)

  One week ago today three more states voted to completely legalize recreational marijuana. In a midterm election with historically low turnouts that leaned heavily Republican, voters still came out in force to continue the process of ending cannabis prohibition.   Today we’re giving out a Conscious Connoisseur Award to the voters around the country, […]

Conscious Connoisseur Award: Charlo Greene

  Perhaps you’ve heard of Charlo Greene? Well, maybe you hadn’t last week, but if you have yet to see her fantastic resignation from KTVA News, you should stop reading and watch it now. She’s about to become your idol.   Not since Sarah Palin’s flummoxing attempt at the Vice Presidency has the nation’s attention been […]