Yesterday’s News — December 16, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet     The latest word out of DC: the City Council, led by Chairman Phil Mendelson, will submit a bill implementing Initiative 71 to the U.S. Congress in January as if the omnibus rider referencing the District’s legalization of cannabis hadn’t happened. Congress would then have 30 days to […]

Yesterday’s News – December 15, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet     It’s been a mixed bag for the cannabis movement in the past week, and it seems that “open to interpretation” is the consistent message.   Despite dissent on both sides of the aisle, the omnibus spending bill passed the Senate on Saturday, and its impact on the […]

Yesterday’s News – December 12, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet     Was Initiative 71 saved by unclear and poorly written language? It looks like it. Though the omnibus was passed by the House on Thursday night, just hours before a looming government shutdown, Congressional Democrats say cannabis legalization be will be enacted in DC, while taxed and regulated […]

Yesterday’s News – December 11, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet     Activists took to the streets of D.C. yesterday evening to protest a spending bill rider that would negate the District’s vote to legalize cannabis. Members of the DC Cannabis Campaign occupied Sen. Harry Reid’s office in the afternoon before an unsuccessful meeting with his advisors and left […]

Yesterday’s News – December 10, 2014  

because nobody’s ready for today yet     In a move that shocked the District’s leaders, the cannabis advocacy community, and anyone who believes in civil liberties, Congress has reached an agreement on a spending bill that includes language that would block cannabis legalization in D.C., explicitly defying the will of the people who voted […]

Strain Reviews: Green Crack

Mindful’s Green Crack   What we enjoyed: a wake up in the morning, get you going kind of high, even in the snow; a strong sativa with just enough mellow to take the edge off; wonderful for conversation and possibly memorization   Rating: 4.5/5     The polar vortex was trying its best to spoil […]

Yesterday’s News – December 9, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet     Ben Cohen, half of the founding duo of what is arguably the world’s best commercially available ice cream, Ben and Jerry’s, wrote an op-ed in U.S. News and World Report that calls out the alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industries, among others, for lobbying to keep cannabis illegal […]

Yesterday’s News – December 8, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet     Houston Police Chief Charles McClellan called the drug war a “miserable failure” and urged the federal government to “take the lead in setting our drug policies,” particularly in regards to cannabis reform. McClellan’s remarks came months after Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) stated his support for marijuana […]

Form and Function: Pax by Ploom

Pax by Ploom    What we like: stylish, discreet, ergonomic design; adjustable temperature settings; colorful LED status indicator; easy to use, pure vaporizer (no hint of combustion) that provides nice pulls; 10 year limited warranty   Rating: 4.5/5       The Pax by Ploom bills itself as the “world’s best vaporizer” and we […]

Yesterday’s News — December 5, 2014

because nobody’s ready for today yet     Women in weed are getting some of the attention they deserve for leading the way in cannabis law reform. The impact of women on both advocacy and business has been substantial and is seen as a major contributing factor to legalization. The Daily Beast reports on a […]