Oregon’s Edible Mystery

Yesterday’s News – March 6, 2015 because nobody’s ready for today yet     Rhode Island joined Maryland and Vermont on Thursday, as lawmakers introduced a bill to regulate recreational cannabis in the same way as alcohol. No state has been successful in ending prohibition through legislation so far, and this is the fourth try […]

Fat Bags of Skunk and White Owl Blunts

Yesterday’s News – March 4, 2015 because nobody’s ready for today yet     The three remaining defendants in the case of the Kettle Falls Five were found guilty of growing fewer than 100 marijuana plants on Tuesday but not guilty of the far more serious charges of conspiracy, distributing, and firearms possession. The case […]

The Marijuana Middle

Yesterday’s News – March 2, 2015  because nobody’s ready for today yet     According to a new Pew survey, 6 out of 10 of Republicans who identify as Millennials favor cannabis legalization. While recently campaigning in DC we heard a lot about “the marijuana middle,” how it is one of the few issues that both […]

The Future of Legalization: Stay Home, DC

  Rejoice, citizens of our nation’s capital, for this morning cannabis is sort of legal, and your mayor roams free. As of today, anyone over age 21 is able to consume marijuana in a home they own and grow up to six plants, with three flowering. You can possess up to two ounces, though not on […]

The Future of Legalization: It’s Your Day, Alaska

  Today is a big day for cannabis connoisseurs everywhere, but especially in Alaska, as The Last Frontier became the third state to allow recreational cannabis use by adults.   (It’s also a big day for AP photographer Mark Thiessen, whose picture of Charlo Greene was used in almost every article I looked at to […]

Marijuana May Make You Crazy, But Alcohol Will Kill You

Yesterday’s News – February 23, 2015 because nobody’s ready for today yet     Last week the big news was “skunk” and how it was going to turn us all into “psychotics.” This week were starting off with some more positive findings. A new study published by Scientific Reports indicates that not only is cannabis […]

Strain Reviews: Face Off OG BX2

Pink House’s Face Off OG BX 2 (Archive Seed Bank)   What we enjoyed: A unique smell and taste among the OG strains, incredible pain relief capabilities*, makes airport travel seem effortless*.   *statements not evaluated by anyone other than me. Maybe Jenn.       My stomach hurts.   Not right now really. For […]

San Fran Welcomes Cannabis Power Players for ICBC

Yesterday’s News — February 16, 2015 because nobody’s ready for today yet     For Weekend Review Kit, the big news last week was Women Grow’s first ever Lobby Days in Washington, DC. Over 70 women convened in the nation’s capital to push for fair policies around banking and taxation in the cannabis industry. As […]

Yesterday’s News — February 9, 2015

because nobody’s ready for today yet     We’re into the whole brevity thing right now:   High Times brought its SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup festivities to back to San Bernardino over the weekend. You can check out the winners below. If you don’t live in Southern California, try not to be too jealous: hightimes.com/read/winners-2015-high-times-socal-medical-cannabis-cup   […]

Gordon Matta-Clark, Three Ways

An examination of an artist / anarchitect in three different settings.   Bingo at the MoMA     His accent is Italian, his tone bewildered incredulous. What is this? Why is it here? He owns several properties. Some of them have these kinds of window frames, and they are torture to work with. Impossible.     […]