The Finger Thing Means The Taxes

Yesterday’s News — June 11, 2015       Colorado Taxes Got Too High, Now They Don’t Know What To Do With All This Cash In an effort to further erode the state’s black market, Colorado will lower the sales tax on marijuana from 10% to 8% beginning in July of 2017. Governor Hickenlooper believes […]

House of Representatives Extends Medical Marijuana Protection

Yesterday’s News – June 4, 2015     House Blocks DEA From Messing With Medical Marijuana The House of Representatives voted to reauthorize an amendment that would block the federal government from intervening in state legal medical marijuana programs on Wednesday. Passed by a vote of 242-186, the amendment, which was first introduced last year, […]

Mayor of Boston Doesn’t Like Cannabis, Social Justice

Yesterday’s News – June 2, 2015     Boston Mayor States Opposition To Learning Things Although some feel that the 2016 legalization of recreational cannabis in Massachusetts is inevitable, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has come forward as the voice of dissention. “I view it as a gateway drug,” Walsh told the Boston Globe, “Some people […]

Form and Function: Flowermate V5.0 Pro

Flowermate V5.0 Pro by Smiss Smiss Herb Vaporizers   What we liked: Adjustable temperature control, costs less than $100     I’ve been invited to my friend’s house to watch Game of Thrones and I am nervous. Lately, instead of looking forward to Sunday nights, it seems more like I endure them. We Game of […]

Right Livelihood: Bay Area Remedies’ Medical Cannabis Aspirations

      It’s a strange, uncertain time for cannabis. While Colorado receives national attention for its robust medical and recreational marijuana markets, many places on the East Coast are still trying to open their first dispensaries. Following the passage of an actual workable medical cannabis law last year, Maryland is set to issue licenses […]

Bernie Sanders’ Plan for Pot

Yesterday’s News – May 20, 2015     Bernie Sanders is From Vermont, So He’s Cool During a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders pointed to his home state of Vermont – and his track record of cannabis friendly policies – to illustrate how marijuana reform would look under his administration: “The […]

Weed in Texas Goes Commercial

Yesterday’s News – May 13, 2015   Texas Cannabis Commercial The Texas legislature is currently considering two cannabis bills: HB2165, which would legalize marijuana in the state, and HB507, which would decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis. It’s clear that the latter has a much greater chance of passing, so Texans for Responsible Marijuana […]

Could Medical Marijuana Help Our Cats Chill Out?

Yesterday’s News – May 11, 2015     Give Your Bitch Some Weed Because we don’t want to be sexist or species-ist, maybe give some to the cats and boy dogs too. TIME Magazine examines the growing business of cannabis edibles for animals and the uncertainty surrounding medical marijuana for pets. As with medical marijuana […]