Cannabis — You Know, For Kids

    NORML is reporting that, for the first time ever, Colorado recreational cannabis consumers have contributed more in tax revenue than the medicinal community.   The roughly $29.7 million spent on recreational sales in July just edged out medicinal spending, which came in at around $28.9 million, and, as the article points out, this is despite […]

Cannabis City: A Great Place to Make Friends

Cannabis City 2733 4th Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98134 206.682.1332   Why you should go: easy to access from downtown Seattle; quality flower; patient, friendly, well-informed bud tenders; standing in line for a few minutes to purchase legal cannabis is a fun thing to do on a Sunday afternoon: you’ll meet nice people, and […]

State of Washington May Be Going Through Your Shit Right Now

  Believing us all to be filthy, filthy liars, leaders in Spokane, Washington are promising to really get their hands dirty in an effort to push the truth out of the darkness and into the open, bringing relief to residents of Washington who just want to know how high everyone is but don’t want to […]

Form and Function: The Micro G Pen Review, Six Months Later

microG Vaporizer   What we like: discreet, sturdy, reliable with the proper parts.   Rating: 4/5     Whoopi Goldberg loves her vape pen. So does Sarah Silverman. These portable delivery systems are not solely the province of highly successful comedians, however; for many people the personal vaporizer offers an affordable, easy-to-operate tool for consuming […]

Seattle City Attorney Thinks Washington Is On The Right Track, Obviously Watched Simpsons Marathon This Weekend

    Pete Holmes, the Seattle City Attorney who ceased prosecution of marijuana possession when he took office in 2010 and who also fought for the passage of I-502, sat down with The Seattle Times to discuss the status of Washington’s implementation of recreational marijuana sales. Holmes insists that Washington’s experiment is in its infancy, comparing the […]

THC Molecules Hurtling Through Space

    In a fantastic attempt to combine wearing fancy clothes, enjoying the sunshine, being generally hilarious and hard working, gilded clutches, and liquid marijuana, Sarah Silverman brought her pot to the Emmys. Nominated for her stand up comedy show on HBO, the comedian, writer, actress, and overall wonderful human being stopped by for a […]

Portland Paper Endorses Legalization

    The Editorial Board for The Oregonian, Portland’s primary daily newspaper and the oldest continually-published paper on the West Coast, has officially come out in favor of Measure 91, endorsing the marijuana legalization initiative on the November 4th ballot. The board recognizes Oregon’s “wink wink” relationship with cannabis and feels it’s in the best interest of […]

Functioning Member: Wedding Etiquette

  Outdoor weddings, at the glorious instant between summer and fall when it’s cool enough to wear a suit comfortably all day, are a wonderful thing. Cannabis outside is also a wonderful thing. However, many of us, even those who live in places where marijuana is legal, must negotiate some delicate situations. You know it’s okay […]

Weekend Review Kit is…

    Weekend Review Kit is a digital magazine of informed reviews, news updates, and feature pieces of cultural relevance for the conscious cannabis connoisseur.   Weekend Review Kit is a forum for those who know that cannabis users are productive, intelligent, valuable members of diverse communities.   Weekend Review Kit is redefining cannabis culture.