Tons of Free Cannabis at The Summer Fair

What’s better than holding a snowcone in your hand on a hot summer day?


Holding a snowcone infused with just the right amount of cannabis on a hot summer day.


Better still?


Enjoying the snowcone, along with an assortment of some of Oregon’s choicest cannabis and cannabis products, for free.


Organized and orderly

The carnival atmosphere of The Summer Fair was apparent from the moment you saw the giant Oregrown prize wheel. This event, though, was more organized and orderly than most festivals we’ve attended. A small crowd gathered, listening to a man in a lab coat explain how his capsules filled with essentially cannabis sugar, are the perfect addition to your morning coffee. To the left, the non-medicated chocolate fondue fountain invited visitors to dip salty or sweet snacks at their leisure. Infused chocolate samples beckoned at the other end of the booth, carved on a wooded cutting board by the owner herself.


Farmer’s market feel

Exhibitor tables at The Summer Fair went for only $250, so it was a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with an assortment of Oregon’s small cannabis business owners. The farmer’s market feel encouraged interaction, dialogue, and education. Because the city of Portland decided cannabis samples cannot be given out at events for which participants pay for tickets, registration for The Summer Fair was free, ensuring this was an event anyone could afford to attend.


Fun for all

Roughly 1,500 people filled The North Warehouse, and, in turn, had their goody bags filled with flower and food, c02 cartridges and BHO, t-shirts and temporary tattoos. Classic carnival games like balloon darts and water gun races mixed with joint rolling contests and dabbing demonstrations contributed to the lighthearted atmosphere and had everyone smiling. The abundance of complimentary water (and of course the snowcones) kept folks cool enough in the heat. And if a security guard tapped you on the shoulder, he probably just wanted to return the joint you dropped from your shirt pocket while you were putting on your sunglasses.


Want to normalize cannabis? Have more events like The Summer Fair.

Social use of legal cannabis is a major issue for our communities. Many consider it the next frontier of cannabis normalization. Even in a non-prohibition state, consumption is confined to private residences, with consumers forced to stay out of sight. Taking a cannabis vacation is even more complicated. Hotels won’t allow smoking of any kind, and states quickly shut down operations that allow onsite cannabis use.


Though consumption was not technically permitted at this event either, The Summer Fair showcased the best of what a cannabis event could be. No fights broke out; in fact, no one even cut in line. We saw no stumbling, mumbling, vomiting people. Waiting in line didn’t even seem like waiting. It was a chance to talk to someone new about a plant we all love for our own reasons. Good spirits abounded and good times were plentiful.


The cannabis community is beautifully diverse. Events like these allow us to literally come out from our basements and closets and garages. To celebrate not only cannabis, but also each other and the things we love. The Oregon Cannabis Association and Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge took care to make sure The Summer Fair 2016 was fun, safe, and accessible to everyone. They set a high bar. It was exactly what a cannabis event should be.


We’ve never had so much fun at a fair. Despite claims that cannabis makes people antisocial, we talked so much we lost our voices the next day.


We found free weed though, a lot of free weed. Just a little bit of it in a snowcone.



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