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Bridge City Collective (North Portland)

4312 N Williams Avenue

Portland, OR 97217


Why you should go: an enthusiastic staff with all the answers; clearly labeled selection of flowers, concentrates, edibles, and topicals; snakes and prey co-existing through cannabis and art


Prefilled with a cannabinoid extract by itself

Prefilled with a cannabinoid extract by itself

Topicals, Edibles, and Concentrates for All (Adults over 21)!

Oregon took one more step toward the end of prohibition when cannabis shops opened their doors yesterday morning. June 2 marked the expanded implementation of Measure 91 (whose regulations previously restricted adult-use sales to 7 grams of flower or less) to include topicals, low-dose edibles, and prepackaged concentrates. While the rules around products for skin and for eating were pretty clear, there was a lot of ambiguity around the term “cartridge prefilled with a cannabinoid extract by itself”: we were curious to see if we’d be limited to CO2 cartridges or if we’d have our pick from a full range of concentrates.


Bridge City Collective on the Case

Our quest brings us to Bridge City Collectives’s North Portland location, where the shelves are packed and the staff is ready to field all the questions we have about new regulations.


The waiting room, of the dark hardwood minimalist variety, is set apart by a mural portraying a hallway-length snake and various other relaxed fauna. A winding cannabis plant and belly-slider intertwined, both wrapped around woodland animals swept along in their cannabis bliss, provide unique décor to an area that in other dispensaries can sometimes feel a little boring, if not neglected.


A cannabis garden of Eden

A cannabis garden of Eden


The sales floor at Bridge City is as impressive at the mural. The display cases seem custom built from real wood and the wall to the right of the entrance is stocked with a few usual souvenirs, like t-shirts and hats, and a few unusual ones, like classy socks, jewelry, and even a children’s book about our favorite plant. The cases themselves hold a carefully curated selection of cannabis, and because Bridge City has been selling to medical patients for two years, they’ve assembled a wide range of clearly labeled flower to address whatever need you have.


Gifts, regular and fancy

Gifts, regular and fancy

For the kids

For the kids











Weekend Review Kit isn’t here for flowers, though; we’re here for answers. Answers and concentrates. Luckily we’re greeted by Chico, who is equal parts knowledgeable, professional, and happy to address an excessive amount of questions.


Getting Down to Business


Bridge City Collective topicals



“Everything in this case is new today,” Chico informs us. “It’s all available, except the ice hash, which we can’t sell recreationally because it was extracted without chemicals.” So long as some kind of chemical was used in the extraction process, and the product arrived at the dispensary tested, prepackaged, and sealed, it can be sold for adult use. This includes all forms of BHO. Why it’s unlawful to sell a product extracted without chemicals is unclear. It’s just the law. Below the extracts are the also newly available topicals, including rubs and lip balms. Though you can get intoxicated (we’re told) from eating a tub of rub, topicals are intended to heal without producing the same kind of psychotropic effects as the edibles, the intricacies of which have been another point of confusion and contention.





Chico clarifies: “We can sell 15 milligrams of edibles a day, and only 15 milligrams. Just a one time purchase.” WRK had heard rumors that while the dosage would be set at 15 mg, retailers might be able to include up to 50 mg per package, the same way a 100 mg bar is sold in Denver as 10 servings of edible cannabis. Not so. Without a medical card in the state of Oregon, you cannot walk out of a shop with more than 15 mg of edible cannabis. This is sure to disappoint those veteran weed-eaters with a high tolerance, and hopefully keep many more from being featured on a news segment about the dangers of “overdosing” on marijuana.


15 mg, nonnegotiable.

15 mg limit, nonnegotiable

The Purchase

Back at the concentrate case is famous budtender and prolific writer Zoe Wilder. Zoe knows her stuff. She’s a regular contributor to many different publications, from High Times to Esquire, writing on topics like cannabis, sex, and how to sell everything you own and travel the world. Bridge City Collective has a lot to choose from — over 20 different varieties of waxes, shatters, and oils — so WRK is happy to have some help.


“We’ve got one of the best selections in the city right now,” Zoe beams more than brags. “I was looking at these.” She produces an Altoids-style tin of Beehive Extracts live resin. It’s golden yellow and shines in the light. “I might take this one home myself.”


Bridge City Collective Beehive Extracts live resin

Beehive Extracts Live Resin, Magic


Of course her recommendation is perfect. Our gram of Magic (which Micah, another one of Bridge City’s stellar employees, checks the computer to tell us is Merlin crossed back with itself) is about as clean, bright, and easy on the throat as a concentrate can be (review to follow).


Happy Birthday, Bridge City Collective!


BridgeCityCollective budtenders

Budtenders extraordinaire: Micah, Zoe, and Chico


Things are changing rapidly in the cannabis industry, Oregon included, so finding a cannabis shop that has a great selection and the most well informed staff possible is imperative. Bridge City Collective, about to celebrate their second birthday, has positioned themselves as a leader in Portland’s crowded cannabis marketplace. It’s the perfect destination to get some real answers about the June 2 expansion and to find a wide array of quality products. Bridge City is the kind of place you could send a curious out-of-town guest for a classy pot buying experience and a dispensary sure to impress even the most seasoned buyer.


We came with questions. We left with concentrate.



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