Sweet Grass Kitchen Introduces Buttermelts

Buttermelts are the lowest-dose cannabutter edibles on the market


Sweet Grass Kitchen Buttermelts


At Weekend Review Kit, we don’t typically shout out new products before we’ve sampled them. We prefer to offer thoughtful reviews of our tried and true favorites from the cannabis world. But we were so excited about the latest creation from our friends at Sweet Grass Kitchen that we had to give them a mention this week. Just in time for the 4/20 holiday, SGK has introduced the lowest-dose cannabutter edible on the market, melt-in-your mouth after dinner mints called Buttermelts.


Sweet Grass Kitchen is a woman-owned, small-batch bakery that produces such delectable cannabis-infused treats as chocolate chip cookies and seasonal pumpkin pies using cannabutter made from their in-house cannabis cultivation. We’ve tried (and enjoyed) most of SGK’s baked goods, and we’re always impressed with the taste, effects, and predictability their products offer. So, when our inside source told us that Buttermelts are delicious and that she could “eat them all day,” we figured they were a sure thing.


Buttermelts are infused with Sweet Grass Kitchen’s full flower cannabutter and currently come in three flavors: Lemon, Mint, and White Russian. Each Buttermelt piece contains 2.5 mg of active THC, for a total of 50 mg per package, enabling consumers to accurately measure their intake, find their comfortable dosage, and regulate their ingestion accordingly.


“We’re thrilled to offer our customers this low dose product to better allow them to control their intake of THC,” says Lauren Finesilver, Executive Chef of Sweet Grass Kitchen. “Our Buttermelts are ideal for newcomers and perfect for experienced consumers who are looking for precise serving.” The introduction of low-dose Buttermelts closely aligns with the Start Low, Go Slow campaign for edible consumption and reflects Sweet Grass Kitchen’s commitment to the safety and wellbeing of their customers.


While 4/20 is a day of excess for many, Buttermelts are a great option for those who are looking to celebrate with a manageable high. At 2.5 mg each, you really can eat them all day.


Photo courtesy of Sweet Grass Kitchen

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