This Cat Eulogy is a Celebration

A tribute to the life of Lil Mo


Mo, looking majestic.


It is a bittersweet New Year for us at WRK. On the final day of 2015, wonder cat and Weekend Review Kit spiritual founding member, Lil Mo, aka Lil Mo Pena, aka Lil Mo Sislack, aka Joppa Mo-Town, aka Mo-Diddly, took his final breath in the arms of his longtime companion and confidant. A true Baltimore success story, Mo began his life as a Charm City Alley Cat and Mouser, ensuring the sanitary and pest-free conditions of red brick row homes across Charles Village and Hampden, before embarking on a life of meaningful work and leisure that would see him reside in such far away places as Burlington, Vermont and Sedona, Arizona. Whenever a session started, Mo appeared, never expecting anything, always offering a positive presence and influence to any gathering, always grateful to share this quality time with his human friends. In his last contribution to our world, Mo gracefully relocated to Denver, Colorado, when his person headed west for safe access to medical cannabis to treat his Multiple Sclerosis. For nearly three years he lived the Rocky Mountain high life and acted as feline caregiver to one of our own in the way only he could. We love you Mo, we’re so glad you made it out, and we sincerely hope you find fellow WRK founders Francis Jane and Questo Thelonious in the Great Cat Ether. You will forever serve as a reminder that it doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters what you do when you get here. Go in Peace friend, you were one of the good ones.



Mo doing what we was meant to do….

cat obituary 4 lil mo

In action

cat obituary 3 lil mo

On alert

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