Edibles Review: CannaPunch

What we enjoyed: yummy fruity flavors; reliable and consistent effects; measuring cup included for accurate dosing; makes depressing plane rides from Denver to the east coast bearable





I love cannabis drinks. They are easy to consume, easy to dose, discreet, and usually quite effective. Because of the myriad possibilities offered by potable cannabis concoctions – and because we are a society that likes to hold beverages in our hands at social events – I’m confident that drinkable THC will be a huge part of the future of cannabis.


Leading the way since 2009 is CannaPunch, an infused fruit juice that you can find at many Colorado cannabis shops. I have tried it a few times, all at the vociferous recommendations of several different budtenders (this seems to be a personal favorite among many), and I’ve appreciated the consistency of its effects, which means it’s likely to be accurately labeled and reliably infused.


Sometime between recent trips to Denver, CannaPunch changed the packaging for its adult-use beverage from a clear, plastic bottle that you might find in the refrigerated section of the grocery to a tall, opaque container with a press-down-and-turn-to-open top and a medicine cup like one that would come with cough syrup. I am a fan of the design upgrade – they’ve kept the bright, eye-catching, tropical logo but have achieved an effect that’s more medicine than sports drink. The inclusion of the tiny measuring cup indicates that this is not to be guzzled and makes proper, safe dosing simple. The bottle is clearly labeled and the nutrition facts, such as serving size and ingredients, are clearly printed on the front, along with compliance information and a warning to take in 10 mg (24 mL/1.6 tablespoon) doses.


Whenever I’ve purchased CannaPunch, the budtender has been adamant that you should start with one dose (10 mg THC = 24 mL CannaPunch or roughly one 20 mL cup full) and wait half an hour before having more. I always respect their emphasis on safety and responsible consumption, and the first time I tried the product, I abided by their suggestion so I could gauge how CannaPunch affected me relative to other similarly-dosed edibles. In my experience, CannaPunch provides a reliably relaxing experience, and it’s priced well at around $20/bottle.


One of the things I like most about cannabis-infused drinks is the easy uptake; I find they kick in more quickly than infused foods, which makes it easier to get the right dosage and prevents you from becoming so impatient that you start eating too much THC (this is often where edibles get dangerous for people). I’ve enjoyed both half a bottle (50 mg) and a whole bottle (100 mg), because I know how to dose and I’m always careful. I’m a small person with a strong tolerance, and I found that 50-100 mg was perfect for me. (It’s up to you, though, to experiment slowly and safely to find your own sweet spot, and it can be disastrous if you don’t). When I had the whole bottle to myself, I drank half in 10 mg doses throughout a morning then the second half in the early afternoon before going through security at the airport.


CannaPunch comes in a variety of flavors and has both medical and adult-use products. On the social use side, you can get Watermelon Nectar and Pineapple Mango Delight (both contain 100 mg THC) or Black Cherry Fusion (with 30 mg THC). My favorite is the Pineapple Mango, but there’s not an unpleasant one in the bunch. All CannaPunch drinks are vegan, organic, and contain no corn syrup, gluten, or soy. CannaPunch promises that their infusions are always made from high-quality, whole-bud extracts. And they’re pretty delicious – smooth and fruity, with a slight hashy taste as you swallow but probably not strong enough to notice if you weren’t looking for it. The punch is tasty on its own or mixed with seltzer, sparkling juices, etc. I’ve been advised to create a CannaPunch/Champagne cocktail but have been a bit reluctant to try that one, though it was suggested that I combine such a celebratory libation with a night of hottubbing, which doesn’t sound bad at all. So feel free to go for it, and please let me know what you think.


CannaPunch doesn’t get specific about its extraction methods or the strain or type of cannabis they use, but I’m guessing it’s fairly indica-dominant. With its assistance, I can shed my restlessness and sink into a relaxing body high. I especially like CannaPunch for plane rides, when I tend to be jittery and have a hard time sitting still for hours. Many of my friends get Valium prescriptions, but I find CannaPunch is my solution to flight-induced anxiety, as well as mid-flight boredom. One warning: do a test run with CannaPunch before a plane ride, though. It was heaven for me, but it didn’t sit well in my hubby’s sensitive stomach and he spent the entire voyage in the back of the plane with an attendant.


When we initially added the CannaPunch to our review schedule, we thought we’d approach it as a kind of point-counterpoint piece. Because one half of Weekend Review Kit loves the CannaPunch and swears by it for plane rides and watching comedies on the couch, while the other half can’t actually express how he feels about the CannaPunch because his head is in the toilet.


But we thought that would be unfair. Unfair to the CannaPunch, and unfair to you, our esteemed Weekend Review Kit readers. CannaPunch is awesome. It’s only Chad’s very unpredictable and erratic and alcohol-unfriendly digestive system that makes the CannaPunch a very bad choice for him. So, if you do have alcohol sensitivities or a digestive tract that tends toward inflammation, perhaps the CannaPunch is not for you. If you don’t have any of those issues, drink away. I’ll drink with you. I know we won’t be disappointed. In fact, drinkables might just be my new favorite edibles.

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  1. I am a Chef and suffer from major gastro problems (stomach & intestinal). I tried a new Dispensary (Oasis) and found Cannapunch, so I tried it (reluctantly) and have had GREAT results. Takes my nausea and pain away and relaxes my body which is tense from continuous pain! I am not one for edibles as I tend to have a high tolerance and it took a couple tries with the Cannapunch before I found what dosing and the timing that worked best for me (100mg over a 90min period, effect lasts about 8-10hrs) ). Now I keep a stock of it in my refrigerator. At first I thought it was a bit overpriced, but then did the math and found that I would smoke the same amount (in cost) and the punch does not effect my lungs (I have COPD). The flavors taste great ( I have tried most of them) with Grape being a favorite of mine, but all are so good it is not a fav by much. I like the product so much I am trying to get a deal on a case (or more) of it. For those of you like me that have not had much luck with edibles, try the Cannapunch. What I have found interesting is the more I use it the more effect I have. The first couple time I was not impressed, but I had bought 10 bottles so I kept trying. Once I found the dose that worked for me, my body seemed to respond more and more to the same dose (as if my body was learning to use edibles) it was very strange. Now I have replaced half my smoking with Cannapunch since it does not effect my lungs, tastes great and it is easy to adjust dosing. The only problem is that it does taste so good you may forget your drinking an infused beverage and drink the whole bottle to quickly the first time or 2. Oppss!!! IF you do this hopefully you have a high tolerance or you are at home and don’t have to go anywhere.

  2. Why does it need to be refrigerated after opening? I didn’t notice that at first and it has been sitting unrefrigerated. Will something in it turn bad?

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