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TinyJennandChad would like to give you flowers!

Welcome to the brand new Weekend Review Kit! We can’t believe how quickly a year has gone by! What’s that? We launched on August 18, 2014? On our 13 year wedding anniversary? In that case we really can’t believe how quickly 13 months have gone by.

Forgive us for losing track of time; we’ve been so busy! Last September I stretched out across a bed I’m pretty sure was clean in the world’s crappiest Tukwila motel room, exhausted from using public transportation to visit Tacoma, Washington’s two legal recreational cannabis stores, when I saw someone on TV throwing an upscale cannabis party. Grown people were out in public, well dressed and pulling on vape-pens, taking in some good food and music and company. “If our website were a party,” I thought, “it would look like this.” Before falling asleep I wrote down the name of the host and where she lived: Jane West, Colorado. Five months later I’ll hand her a joint in a hotel suite so hipster-fancy they stock the min-bar with Pez dispensers.


From offering to volunteer at the NYC Women Grow meeting in January to speaking at the Baltimore Women Grow meeting in August!

We’re still having a hard time figuring out how all this happened. Our original business plan read: Write in total obscurity for two years before deciding what actions to take next, including but not limited to writing a real business plan. How did Jenn wind up on the steps of Congress as part off Women Grow’s first ever Lobby Day? How did we end up as part of the hosting committee of a political fundraiser for a truly progressive Maryland politician? How did I receive a free hat and an order to (metaphorically) execute monkeys from the man damn near solely responsible for legalizing recreational cannabis in Washington, DC? It had something to do with Jane, and something to do with the advice Jenn got from another Women Grow co-founder, Jazmin Hupp, the first time they met:

“Go all in. You won’t regret it.”


RegularSizeJennandChad would like to give you a bumper sticker!

She was right. Since we abandoned our careers as teachers and writers of experimental fiction to focus full time on cannabis we’ve never been happier or more tired or more confused or more fulfilled. We’ve met the best people over the past year. People like Betty Aldworth, director of Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, or Julie Berliner, owner of Sweet Grass Kitchen. People working to make real social change. People who care about creating a marketplace that is not only competitive but compassionate as well.

SGK CEO Julie Berliner with Marketing Director Jesse Burns

SGK CEO Julie Berliner with Marketing Director Jesse Burns

Weekend Review Kit is ready for year two! We hope you like our new look. We’ve got a lot of quality shops to visit, fascinating new forms of cannabis to sample, and strange new toys to play with, and we can’t wait to share it all with everyone. If you’re working on something amazing in the world of cannabis, or just in general, let us know. A lot of great things have happened for us this past year, and we truly believe the best is still to come, but the most amazing thing has been meeting so many people bringing cannabis out of the basement, sharing their passion and innovation with the world.


A Charm City welcome for the super-cool Katherine Grimm from CNN’s High Profits

We’ve picked up a few new projects along the way, and in order to keep us all sane, we’re switching Weekend Review Kit’s publication schedule to a more consistent routine. We’ll have features and reviews on Mondays and Wednesdays, and, instead of doing Yesterday’s News on a (not quite) daily basis, we’ll publish a summary of the week’s best headlines on Fridays. We’re still going to call it Yesterday’s News, though, because we like that name.

As we start our second year we want you to know that you can count on us at Weekend Review Kit, that we’ll always be here when you need us, especially if you need us for new content on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Thank you to everyone who checked out our site, left a comment, or liked us on one of the social medias. We never imagined anyone would even notice us, and the love and support has been great.

See you soon!


We see you, looking sharp!

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