White House Commutations Part of Obama’s Criminal Justice Reform

Yesterday’s News – July 15, 2015



Obama commutes sentences of 46 more drug offenders

As part of an ongoing attempt to “reform the criminal justice system,” President Obama commuted the sentences of 46 nonviolent drug offenders earlier this week. Most of the prisoners in question were incarcerated under 1980s draconian drug laws that carry much lighter penalties today. The move brings his total number of commutations near 90 and means Obama has commuted more sentences than any president since LBJ. Let’s hope it’s the beginning of broader reform. CNN has more:




Doctor publishes book about conversion to medical cannabis

Ever since Sanjay Gupta got the ball rolling, more high profile doctors are speaking out about the benefits they and their patients notice from medical cannabis. NPR interviewed Dr. David Casarett, a recent convert to the efficacy of cannabis as medicine based on personal and patient use and author of the new book, Stoned: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana, and asked him about neuropathic pain, cannabinoids, edibles, and the drug war. Click the link to read or listen to what he had to say:

npr.org/sections/health -shots/2015/07/14/422876973/when-weed-is-the-cure-a-doctors-case-for-medical-marijuana



No cannabis clubs in the state of Washington

While Denver moves closer to some degree of legal social consumption of cannabis, Washington has made it clear that they will allow no such thing in their state. Due to an amendment inserted at the last minute to a House Bill that adjusted taxation and location provisions in marijuana law, it will now be a felony to operate a private cannabis club. Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes calls the measure “overkill” and believes the state should move toward, rather than away from, cannabis clubs for public consumption. A local NPR affiliate has details:




High Times can’t find a venue in Portland

Because of laws banning establishments that hold liquor license from allowing cannabis consumption on their premises, High Times has been unable to secure a location for its proposed Oregon Cannabis Cup and has postponed the event until September. The organization remains committed to hosting a Portland Cup to celebrate Oregon’s legalization despite the challenges they’ve faced. For more on this story, check out Oregon Live:




Marijuana makes you skinny

Forget what you’ve heard (and perhaps experienced) about binge eating following a cannabis session; a new study out of Arctic Canada suggests that marijuana users are less likely to be obese and less prone to diabetes than their nontoking peers. Surprised? The authors of the study were too. You can read the science for yourself in the Alaska Dispatch News:




Drink your cannabis juice!

Because cannabis is a perfect plant and might also be considered miraculous. The woman in this article had debilitating rheumatoid arthritis that is now in remission after 11 months of juicing and drinking cannabis, and some doctors believe it should be included in your daily diet. Fox News has more:




A woman who writes for Yahoo! (or maybe Business Insider?) surprised to find buying cannabis similar to buying fancy wine

The headline says it all. Both articles (which are the same article) are below:





Elizabeth Warren wants more access to MMJ

If you’ve read this far, you might want to bookmark the link below and take a look later:




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