Strain Reviews: Blue Dream & Herijuana Purple Berry Take the WRK Challenge

Sacred Seed’s Blue Dream and Herijuana Purple Berry concentrates by TC Labs


What we enjoyed:

Blue Dream: a classic strain with memorable smell and flavor; relaxing but not debilitating; is like yoga in cannabis form

Herijuana Purple Berry: made us quiet (we didn’t think that was possible); settled our stomach and nerves; strong enough for even the most tested connoisseurs


Pairs well with:

Blue Dream: talking with friends, writing about Blue Dream, blueberries and powdered sugar

Herijuana Purple Berry: a soft couch, the end of productivity, restlessness



We’ve made some amazing friends in the cannabis industry; sometimes I hate them so much. No, no, that’s not right. It’s always love. Occasionally though, when we’ve been East-Coast-isolated from the best medicines and safest recreations for too long, it gets hard to fight the jealousy. The photographic overflow of glistening flowers and concentrates that look like slices of swiss cheese soaked in 24K gold can be a little heartbreaking. Especially the concentrates. While sometimes vilified in mainstream media as being a kind of cannabis moonshine, brewed under cover of darkness and deciduous forest to produce a substance too powerful for the general public, we’ve often found them to be an efficient way to medicate.* Whereas before concentrates (BC) we might need to consume 1/2 gram of flower to settle our stomachs or relieve our headaches, now we can take a hit or two from a pen and continue on with our day.


Weekend Review Kit, however, doesn’t always operate in a state interested in our health, which means we don’t always have a say in the kind or quality of medicine we purchase. It makes the Colorado reunions especially poignant. After a few bleak months, we’re back in the presence of some of Denver’s finest, ourselves now in the enviable position of having to review some concentrates. As an extra incentive, we’re comparing two samples with a shared ancestry and a similar taste to see how strains that taste the same, and even have common origins, can produce very different effects. WRK does this because we want to keep you as informed as possible, and not just because we want to consume as much wonderful cannabis as we can before our next banishment. Please don’t hate us.


*Concentrates, like edibles, are not to be taken lightly and may not be the best way to try cannabis for your first time. There are some great resources out there — we’re partial to Leafly and The Cannabist — if you want to do some more in-depth research before trying them out.


This is a short, surprise trip to Denver so we go to one of Sam Sweet’s favorite spots, Sacred Seed, where two strains stand out, the Blue Dream and Herijuana Purple Berry, both produced by the awarding winning TC Labs using butane in a closed-loop system. Blue Dream because it’s a preferred strain of the WRK team, and the Herijuana both because of its reputation among writers like the esteemed Jake Browne as being especially potent and hard to come by, and because the “berry” in its name means there’s a chance it’s at least a distant relative of the Blue Dream.


A relatively simple cross between Blueberry (indica) and Haze (sativa), Blue Dream is considered a favorite of our friends with high taste for its potency and the way it can present a balance of the plant’s finest qualities. We find that a good Blue Dream will be relaxing but not incapacitating, stimulating without producing paranoia or restlessness. Concentrated, it looks like a piece of frozen light roast coffee and the taste is brightly berry in either a rig or pen. The effects are what we’ve come to expect: a mild body high offset by some nice mental clarity. We love it in the morning for managing mild pain while staying alert for a full day of work or in the evenings when you need to take care of a little business before bed. (As always these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or anyone else who isn’t us.)




Herijuana Purple Berry is a mashup of some extremely potent indicas. The Herijuana part has a consistent internet history, with The Cannabist, Leafly, Wikileaf, and Medical Jane all claiming it to be a hybrid of the Kentucky (yes Kentucky) sativa Killer New Haven and an Afghani landrace indica grown out of Humboldt county. This has been cross bred with Grandaddy Purple, a strain with a more opaque lineage, and the aforementioned Blueberry. Combined and concentrated they produce a shatter lighter in color than the Blue Dream, resembling a piece of hardened honey.




The berry flavor is strong in both, with the HPB offering a subtle, spicy aftertaste. Blindfolded, in a hurry, and judging strictly on taste you might think they were the same strain…until the effects set in. While not a pure sativa, we always find Blue Dream to be a solid choice for daytime consumption. Relaxing without making us tired, it’s something we suggest to our friends who want to try cannabis for the first time, or after a long break, because the high is so peaceful and the taste so prominent. It can be a great way to show someone that cannabis is both delicious and will not turn you into a stupid asshole.


The Herijuana Purple Berry might make you a little stupid, just for a minute, and that’s okay too. It’s not the cannabis I plan on giving my mother when it becomes legal in her home state, but it can be the perfect choice for a group of talkative cannabis connoisseurs who occasionally have a problem just shutting the fuck up so they can get the rest they need to run this canna-business. Whatever sativa genetics the HPB has felt completely dormant. This was a body high for all of us, and the lively conversations that started with Blue Dream soon turned into the quiet reflection of Herijuana Purple Berry that we anxious, overeducated writers need sometimes.


A good way to end the evening for the Weekend Review Kit Executive Team. We compared two strains, made up for lost consumption and friendly conversation, and sated our jealousy for as long as we can remain in Denver.



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