Chile might let you hold a little weed; grow a lot of it

Yesterday’s News – July 8, 2015




Chile moves toward decriminalization

Already home to Latin America’s first medical marijuana farm, Chile moved closer to ending prohibition recently when the lower house of Congress overwhelming voted to decriminalize possession of 10 grams of marijuana and cultivation of up to 6 plants for recreational use. The bill will now need to be evaluated by a health committee before being voted on again and, if approved a second time, will be passed on to the Senate. While there is still a long road for the measure, Communist lawmaker Karol Cariola recognized the importance of the vote: “It’s a historic day for medical users who wish to stop being persecuted and be able to access a medicine that they can grow in their gardens.”


Forbes Clears It All Up For Everyone

Forbes is the latest news outlet to take a look at the growing debate around cannabis and its relationship with autism and schizophrenia. If you don’t run a cannabis website that requires you to read at least one of these articles every week, allow me to summarize: Some people who use cannabis have a variety of brain disorders. We don’t know if there is a causal connection or simply a correlation. There is mounting anecdotal evidence from people whose only interest is in feeling healthy that cannabis helps alleviate their symptoms. Many other people, whose interests remain unclear, are not so sure. Cannabis is a complex plant. Some people think it might be better to break it down into various chemical compounds that drug companies could profit from (but we want Big Pharma to keep its hands off medicine it ignored before the so-called green rush). Check back next week when we summarize a similar article from a similar media company:


NY Cannabis Gets More Competitive

With New York set to issue a total of 5 (?!?) medical marijuana licenses to serve the entire state, competition for one of those lucrative permits is getting more fierce. Compassionate Care Center of New York (CCCNY) has teamed up with Tikun Olam, “which serves about a third of Israeli medical marijuana patients.” Tikun Olam, having managed over 10,000 patients for almost a decade, hopes to apply that knowledge to everything from cultivation to finding the most effective method of patient treatment. The state received 42 applications for the 5 available licenses, so companies are forming partnerships in hopes of strengthening their case. Israel has been a world leader in cannabis research for 20 years; maybe they can help us answer some of our science and medicine questions.



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