Social Marijuana Consumption in Denver?

Yesterday’s News – July 6, 2015

Jane West, Mason Tvert, and Brian Vicente announce the Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative Image: Joe Megesy

Jane West, Mason Tvert, and Brian Vicente announce the Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative
Image: Joe Megyesy


Initiative okayed by city, now time to gather signatures

The city of Denver has approved final language for the Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative, and advocates launched a petition drive Thursday to collect signatures to get the measure on the ballot. The new law would allow certain establishments that serve strictly adult clientele to provide an outdoor space for patrons to vaporize cannabis products. They’ll need about 4,700 signatures to put the issue to a vote. You can check out the 262-word sentence that comprises the initiative, along with a huge picture of Mason Tvert’s face, on Westword:



Washington recreational cannabis tax revenues exceed $70 million because, you know, cannabis is bad for society

Despite their sluggishness in licensing dispensaries for an adult-use retail cannabis system, Washington brought in over $70 million in additional tax revenues during the first 12 months of recreational marijuana sales, more than $23 million more than Colorado made in its initial year. Part of the difference is that taxes are high in Washington, so high that industry insiders complain they’re not yet able to make a profit. But it’s also clear that the state hasn’t completely fallen apart and, in fact, has perhaps benefited from the legalization of cannabis. Mic has more:



It’s all good for cannabis in Colorado

Colorado’s marijuana coordination director went to Aspen last week to assure the state’s most affluent residents that the cannabis situation is under control. Part of a panel for the Aspen Ideas Festival at the Hotel Jerome, Andrew Freedman discussed high compliance rates within the industry, tax revenue and other financial benefits, and the need for more data around marijuana and driving. Read the full report in the Aspen Daily News:



A Politco article about politics

Politico breaks down the Senate’s evolving relationship with cannabis, including how CBD has brought even the staunchest conservatives around to the possibility of cannabis as medicine and the catch-22 lawmakers find themselves in with regard to scientific research on a Schedule I drug:



And, apparently, this happened…

A Jamaican farmer has offered his ten-acre cannabis farm as a dowry to President Obama for Malia’s hand in marriage. The 17-year-old had received several engagement proposals, many with the promise of livestock, before Roy Chambers suggested that she wed his son. Leafly estimates this deal would be worth $10.3 million, though we doubt it’s one the first family will consider. If that is the case, WRK would like make a counteroffer to Mr. Chambers: we’ll take half that farm (or less even), and you can have WRK.




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