Progress for Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Program

Yesterday’s News – June 29, 2015



MMJ in Maryland

WRK’s home state moves closer to a functioning medical cannabis program with Friday’s publication of the draft regulations from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. The rules will be open for public comment until the end of July, but commission members feel that several prior rounds of feedback have enabled them to put forth strong regulations that cover all aspects of program’s industry and infrastructure. The state plans to license 15 cultivation centers, two dispensaries per senatorial district (of which there are 47 in Maryland), and an unlimited number of processors. Products that can be smoked, vaporized, or consumer in liquid form are allowed in the draft regulations, but marijuana-infused edibles are not. Doctors in Maryland would have to register to be able to recommend medical cannabis, and they would be free to recommend it for a broad slate of conditions. The application process should open by early fall; we’ll be sure to keep you posted on Maryland’s progress as it launches its legal cannabis industry. In the meantime, The Baltimore Sun has more:



Washington revises recreational marijuana laws

The state legislature in Washington approved a bill to reform elements of I-502, the measure voters passed in 2012 to legalize recreational cannabis. Lawmakers have been busy all session cleaning up the mess that ensues when a highly regulated recreational industry meets a largely unregulated medical industry, with varying degrees of success. Their latest accomplishment: an overhaul of taxes and zoning rules related to cannabis sales. Revisions include replacing a three-tiered taxation structure with a 37 percent tax at the point of sale and a new plan to share revenues with towns that allow cannabis sales but not with those that don’t. That’s a steep tax in a state that has such restrictive homegrow laws (a low cap for patients and banned for recreational purposes). The Seattle Times has the full story:



Cannabis Business Summit hosts presidential candidate

The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) will make history this week at its Cannabis Business Summit in Denver, when Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul holds a first-of-its-kind fundraiser with the marijuana business elite. Paul has been a vocal proponent of medical cannabis and supports fair taxation and banking access for the legal industry as well as your right to operate a state-legal cannabis business, especially if that business allows you to attend a party where donations start at $2,700. Check The Denver Post for details:



Delaware dispensary opens in Wilmington

The First State Compassion Center opened in Wilmington on Friday to a line of more than 50 registered card holders, providing Delaware residents with their first medical cannabis dispensary. Approved conditions in the state include Alzheimer’s, PTSD, cancer, intractable nausea, severe pain, and others. Delmarva Now has more:




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