Massachusetts MMJ Dispensary Opens in Salem

Yesterday’s News – June 26, 2015



Massachusetts finally gets a dispensary

But only one. And it only has a little bit of flower. And it’s by appointment only. If you’re one of the many Massachusetts patients who have waited almost three years since voters approved safe access to quality medicine, you better haul ass to Salem. Though Massachusetts law allows for up to 35 medical cannabis businesses, Alternative Therapies Group looks to be the lone dispensary for some time:



Growing cannabis to revitalize a town

A former mining town in southern Colorado has new hope with a plan to build greenhouses for cannabis cultivation. Walsenburg is currently home to fewer than 3,000 residents, one-fifth of whom live below the poverty line, and is filled with vacant buildings. If Martra Development succeeds with their plan to build a cannabis cultivation campus on the 330 acres of municipal land it recently purchased, the town could see monthly revenues of more than $1 million and 1,000 new jobs:



Oregon lawmakers ponder early sales

A legislative committee in Oregon has approved a plan to allow recreational cannabis sales as early as October 1 in existing establishments that already sell medical cannabis. Lawmakers hope to prevent a flood of customers to the illegal market once marijuana is legalized on July 1, as there is not yet a plan to license recreational shops in the state:



California raids involve legalization activists

Recent raids of large-scale grow operations in Northern California perhaps targeted members of a group working to legitimize and legalize cannabis cultivation. California Cannabis Voice-Humboldt has worked to draft land ordinances that regulate outdoor marijuana cultivation and prevent unnecessary damage to the environment, and activists say the raids were a major setback for cannabis cultivators who are working to develop more environmentally friendly growing practices.



NIH wants a drug that will treat marijuana addiction

Because we all know that as long as it’s FDA approved, we’re safe. And because it’s been proven again and again that the way to beat an addiction is to become addicted to something else. Really, the only parts of this article worth reading are the few paragraphs on the second page that contain actual facts such as “marijuana is less addictive than alcohol and nicotine.”





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