Federal Government Makes It Easier to Get Cannabis (for research)

Yesterday’s News – June 23, 2015



The Feds know how we can get some more weed

In a possible effort to make things easier on their friends at the DEA, who were sure they had enough weed this time, but just like the rest of us blew through their stash way too fast, the federal government has eliminated the Public Health Service review requirement for medical marijuana research. Since 1999 all cannabis research not funded by the government must go through a complicated review process before any scientific learning can begin. It’s a procedure no other Schedule I drug is subject to and has long been a major roadblock to gaining more understanding into the medical potential of cannabis. Both supporters of prohibition and advocates for legalization have been pushing for this change. Check the link-filled story on the Huffington Post below:




Is the paper you write for cool?

Olga Khazan at The Atlantic takes a look at the growing business of cannabis-infused coffee and wonders whether this will be the product that brings marijuana out of the basement and into the realms of respectability. At a private event in DC, complete with ID-checking bouncer, patrons were “medicated” with coffee blended with “donated” cannabis oil, because as WRK has noted before, DC lawmakers hate capitalism and will not rest until we have an economy that is entirely gift based. Khazan noticed both an abundance of men wearing blazers as well as two reporters from lesser publications who were forbidden by their editors from sampling the product. Ha! Rest assured Weekend Review Kit will never take such shortcuts. We will drink all the coffee and we will drink all the weed too, if we must, because we care.





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