Oregon Committee Passes Recreational Regulations

Yesterday’s News – June 17, 2015



HB 3400 to regulate cannabis in Oregon

Oregon’s joint committee on marijuana finally passed a controversial bill regarding the implementation of a recreational cannabis program and the degree to which localities can determine their own related policies. House Bill 3400 had caused weeks of conflict and stalemate leading up to Monday’s unanimous approval of the legislation. The agreement gives greater local control to areas of the state that strongly opposed Measure 91 in last November’s election and would allow those cities and counties to ban the sale of cannabis. While many applaud the compromise, some lawmakers believe the process excluded the voices of medical marijuana patients and other citizens. Additional provisions include new production limits for medical cannabis cultivation, residency requirements to operate a cannabis business, and regulations to ensure safe and consistent product. Still to be decided are when the recreational licensing process will begin, whether or not medical dispensaries will be allowed to sell recreational product before new licenses are granted, and at what rates cannabis will be taxed. Read the full story on Oregon Live:




NYT opinion calls Colorado ruling “unjust”

In his opinion piece for The New York Times, Andrew Rosenthal responds to the Colorado Supreme Court decision regarding Dish Network’s firing of an employee for his lawful use of medical cannabis and calls on the federal government to provide definitive guidance and to set the record straight about marijuana. He writes: “But the country needs a real solution on this issue and that will only come when Congress repeals the federal marijuana laws, which have no real grounding in medicine or logic.” We agree.




Santa Ana dispensary files lawsuit

The Orange County medical cannabis shop that was raided by edible-eating police last month is filing a lawsuit in federal court alleging that the cops for using excessive force and that city officials received bribes for preferential treatment in a recent dispensary permit lottery. Sky High Holistic claims that volunteers and patients were subjected to unconstitutional arrest and that significant property damage occurred. The Santa Ana Police Department is investigating its officers’ behavior during the incident, and the Mayor and other city officials deny all accusations of wrongdoing. The LA Times has more:




South Dakota Sioux legalize cannabis

Remember back in December, when the Justice Department made it legal for Native American tribes to decide if they’d like to grow and sell cannabis? Well, someone’s decided to take them up on their offer: the Flandreau Santee Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota has legalized the sale and use of marijuana on their tribal lands. They plan to build a cultivation facility and a separate space for retail sale and consumption and could be operating as early as the fall. Local news has details:






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