Mayor of Boston Doesn’t Like Cannabis, Social Justice

Yesterday’s News – June 2, 2015



Sam Adams, shown here before becoming a deadly poisonous liquid. Image: Britannica


Boston Mayor States Opposition To Learning Things

Although some feel that the 2016 legalization of recreational cannabis in Massachusetts is inevitable, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has come forward as the voice of dissention. “I view it as a gateway drug,” Walsh told the Boston Globe, “Some people can, I guess, smoke it recreationally and they don’t get addicted to it, but there’s a large number of people that are in recovery now or are struggling on the streets with addiction, and they got their start by smoking weed.” Of course, this has been disproven by a number of sources. When asked about the very much provable discrepancy between the arrests rates of white and black Americans, Walsh said he believes social justice and equality to be less important than the things he is confused about: “So because of racial disparities we legalize a drug that could potentially kill people, lead to death? I don’t think that’s a good enough reason to do it,” Walsh said, still, presumably, referring to cannabis, which has never actually killed anyone, and not alcohol, which, well, you know… Follow the link below for the full story:



Everyone Has Problems With Their Banks

Two different publications examine the difficulties new marijuana businesses must overcome as a result of federal regulations. In a guest post written for Forbes, Matthew Schwartz discusses the challenges companies face without full access to professional services such as national banks and law firms, while MPR News looks at the problem as it relates specifically to Minnesota, which is scheduled to begin medical marijuana sales on July 1. This is an issue that will become increasingly relevant as more and more states legalize cannabis in some form. Sooner or later (probably later), the federal government is going to have to get out of the way of capitalism.



Insert Burning Bush Joke Here:

Do you like fellowship, marijuana, and not being an asshole? If so, then The First Church of Cannabis in Indiana is looking for a few good Cannaterians to join their cause (not being an asshole is Rule 1 in their Deity Dozen, the church’s version of the Ten Commandments. Rule 10 reads “if you see a bully, stop them by any means possible,” laying the groundwork for the eventual militant abolition of Rule 1). The church plans to hold their first service on July 1, when Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act goes into effect. The church, which has been granted tax-exempt status by the IRS, won’t distribute any cannabis but will allow it to be consumed during meetings. “If someone is smoking in our church,” says Minister of Love and Grand Poobah Bill Levin, “God bless them.” Head back over to Forbes for more on how you can get tax-exempt status for your church:


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