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Yesterday’s News – June 1, 2015




Sometimes you just need a bit of time off from reading ALL the cannabis news ALL the time. We admit we’ve got some catching up to do, and we intend to do it quickly:


Are Veterans a Step Closer to MMJ?

We sure hope so. The Senate Appropriations Committee has voted in support of the Veterans Equal Access Amendment, which would allow Veterans Affairs doctors to recommend medical cannabis to their patients for a variety of conditions and symptoms. To be clear, the bill has not passed a vote of the full Senate, but it has momentum, and there’s reason to be optimistic. The Washington Post has details:


John Hudak’s piece from Brookings Institute’s FixGov blog about the complexities of the amendment and its chances of becoming law appears on Newsweek:



California Lawmaker Changes Her Stance

The most surprising decision in the Appropriations Committee vote came from California Democrat, Dianne Feinstein, who typically condemns cannabis and champions the drug war. Read the story of her switch on the San Francisco Chronicle:



African Americans Reluctant to Enter the Marijuana Industry

NBCBLK’s continuing series, “Black & Green: African Americans and the Cannabis Industry,” takes an in-depth look at the stigma surrounding cannabis use in the black community, its relationship with the increased risk of arrest and incarceration faced by African Americans, and how these factors are keeping minorities out of the cannabis sector.



Women Poised to Lead in Cannabis

More and more women, on the other hand, are jumping into the space every day and are establishing themselves as the new leaders of a potentially huge industry. International Business Times features several female-owned cannabusinesses and talks with Jazmin Hupp, executive director of Women Grow, a networking organization that educates, connects, and empowers female entrepreneurs:


Meanwhile, Forbes names their top businesswomen in the cannabis industry and also includes Women Grow’s Hupp:



Medical Marijuana Not Yet Reality in New York

Though Governor Andrew Cuomo signed New York’s medical cannabis legislation into law almost a year ago, many are concerned that the state will not be able to roll out a system of dispensaries by the January 1 deadline and that medicine will not be readily available to meet patients’ needs. USA Today reports:



Seattle’s New MMJ Regulations

It’s no secret that medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington have been at odds with the law since I-502 went into effect last year, legalizing recreational cannabis in the state. Throughout the legislative session, lawmakers struggled to reconcile the largely unregulated medical market with the tight restrictions surrounding adult-use retail marijuana. Now, Seattle’s mayor has a plan for his city that would shutter many dispensaries. The Stranger has more:





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