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Yesterday’s News – May 21, 2015


Image: Amazon

Image: Amazon


Cannabis Coffee Table Book Featured on NPR

Everyone’s favorite quiet talkers are celebrating what they call a “glamour moment” for cannabis, the publication of Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana. The coffee table book, by strategist Dan Michaels and California photographer Erik Christiansen, documents almost 200 strains of cannabis using the macro technique Christiansen developed specifically for taking high-resolution pictures of marijuana flowers. NPR interviews Christiansen about what you can tell by looking closely at your bud and some of the perks of cannabis photography (e.g. sampling the specimens):



Washington Shops Caught Selling to Minors

In bad news for regulated recreational cannabis in Washington, four retail stores were caught selling product to minors in a recent Liquor Control Board sting. The first round of checks included 22 stores, and the LCB plans to visit all shops in the state by the end of June, using 18- to 20-year-old buyers who are instructed to say that they didn’t have ID or to show their real state-issued identification. Shops could face $2,500 fines and a ten-day suspension of their operating licenses. Compliance is especially important in the cannabis industry, given marijuana’s federally illegal status, and preventing diversion of cannabis to minors is at the top of the list of priorities. The Seattle Times has complete details, including the names of the shops that were busted and responses from some owners:



DC Law Bolsters Black Market

The other Washington is having its own problems with illegal activities around legal cannabis, due in large part to the fact that the District is prohibited from establishing a system to tax and regulate sales of recreational marijuana. Under initiative 71, passed last November, possession, private use, and personal cultivation of cannabis are all legal in DC, but some members of Congress made sure that they could not establish a framework for its retail sale and purchase. The anonymous black market dealer featured in the Washington Post article calls the situation “the dealer protection act of 2015,” while Mayor Muriel Bowser’s chief of staff refers to illegal sales of marijuana as “the Harris market,” after the infamous representative from Maryland who most vehemently opposed legalization in the capital.



Lawsuit over Illinois MMJ Licenses

Medical marijuana licensing in Illinois has become a legal maelstrom, with accusations and challenges flying in all directions. The latest: a lawsuit filed by Medponics, a company competing for a cultivation license, against Denver Relief Consulting and Kayvan Khalatbari for allegedly attempting to monopolize the Illinois cannabis industry. The suit claims that Khalatbari and his consulting firm have “controlling interests” in several cultivation facilities, which is a violation of Illinois regulations. Khalatbari called the lawsuit “irresponsible” and filled with “misled statements.” The Cannabist has the AP article:



MJ Biz Con Draws Thousands

The Marijuana Business Conference and Expo brought more than 2,000 people to the Hilton Chicago this week, as cannabis professionals, start-up entrepreneurs, and industry investors crammed expo halls, panel presentations, and networking events sponsored by Marijuana Business Daily. Illinois does not have a recreational market, and their medical cannabis system is tightly regulated and, apparently, highly contentious (see above). Chicago Sun Times has more:



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