“High Profits” Star Calls for Unity

Yesterday’s News – May 14, 2015


Image: CNN.com

Image: CNN.com


Can’t Weed All Get Along?

Katherine Grimm of Clever Gent Consulting and “High Profits” fame published an opinion piece on CNN.com about the fractured state of the cannabis community, imploring industry professionals and advocates alike to get on the same page about policy. She illustrates how infighting among different factions (medical vs. recreational proponents, home growers vs. tax-and-regulate supporters, “corporate marijuana” vs. “hippie stoners”) is not productive for the movement and urges unity as the only way to achieve broad legalization.




Israel’s Top Cop Wants to Rethink Cannabis Policy

Israel’s Police Inspector-General, Yochanan Danino, announced during a speech for high school students in Beit Shemesh that he thinks “the time has come for the Israel police, together with the state, to reexamine their stance on cannabis.” While medical marijuana is available to some 20,000 people and cannabis research is booming in Israel, use for other purposes is not allowed. And though marijuana possession hasn’t been an enforcement priority for police in Israel since 1985 when the Attorney General issued a directive to not charge people for a first possession offense, over 23,000 people were arrested in 2013 for cannabis that was considered for personal use. The Jerusalem Post has the full story:




Hotboxing at Hopkins

A study released by Johns Hopkins indicates that nonsmokers in close proximity to cannabis smoke, in “extreme conditions” such as an unventilated room, will feel the effects of the drug. Yes, science has definitively proved the contact buzz, using methods similar to the shotgunning, hotboxing, and other secondhand smoke sharing you did with your college friends. That makes you a scientist too! Our only question for Hopkins: we’re just blocks away…why wasn’t WRK asked to participate in your study?!




Marijuana and the NFL

It’s clear to anyone who pays attention that the NFL has much more to worry about than whether its players use cannabis, and some think it’s time for football to reevaluate its marijuana policy. In its current state – cheating Super Bowl winners, disgusting displays of domestic abuse, and brain injuries sustained on the field during every game – maybe cannabis would be good for the NFL’s image? USA Today examines recent cases of disciplinary action for marijuana use by professional football players in light of changing public opinion (and laws) about cannabis. Our favorite part is when Mason Tvert of Marijuana Policy Project points out that alcohol, whose industry is one of the NFL’s major sponsors, has actually been shown to contribute to domestic abuse and brain injuries. Hmmm…





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