Weed in Texas Goes Commercial

Yesterday’s News – May 13, 2015


Texas Cannabis Commercial

The Texas legislature is currently considering two cannabis bills: HB2165, which would legalize marijuana in the state, and HB507, which would decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis. It’s clear that the latter has a much greater chance of passing, so Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy and Marijuana Policy Project have put their support behind it with a commercial that features a retired police officer making the case for decriminalization. He starts by saying, “I know of no instance in my entire career where someone was acting out under the influence of marijuana,” and adds, “People under the influence of alcohol are much more problematic.” He hammers home the point that law enforcement agents must be prepared to address actual violent crimes and should not be expected to waste resources and time arresting pot smokers. The ad will air on major networks in Texas, including CNN and ESPN, through Thursday evening.

Watch the video:


And read the article at Huffington Post:



The New Yorker Goes to the Marijuana Investor Summit

 And leaves ready to try some (possibly snake) oil. Sara Davidson spent time with Dooma Wendschuh, co-founder of ebbu, a company that seeks to isolate the chemical components of cannabis to produce a more standard experience. According to Wendschuh, ebbu is currently in the lab working to manufacture five “feelings”: energy, bliss, giggle, chill, and create. In the spirit of Hunter S. Thompson and Maureen Dowd, Davidson participated in her own blind test and correctly guessed that she had ingested the “feeling,” giggle. After ten minutes however, it progressed to the not-exactly-advertised “chill, with a frisson of anxiety.” Wendschuh admits they are still working to fine tune their product and is confident they will be successful. Follow the link below for a more in-depth look at the uncertainty surrounding all aspects of the cannabis industry:



Weekend Review Kit and High There

We’re excited to announce that, on Tuesdays, you can find WRK featured on High There’s blog with Tip Off Tuesdays, a rundown of relevant cannabis news from the past week. We love High There, especially their commitment to bringing quality people together in a variety of meaningful ways and to being more than just “the Tinder for pot people,” and we’re happy to contribute content for the cause:



State Updates

Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania state Senate did indeed pass the medical marijuana bill we reported on yesterday. The bill awaits consideration in the House, where Democratic caucus spokesperson Bill Patton is hopeful about its chances:



Nebraska: A limited medical cannabis bill (LB643) advanced to the second round in Nebraska’s state legislature. Supporters of the bill are now working with other lawmakers to address any concerns and build consensus:



Louisiana: Louisiana’s state Senate passed a medical marijuana bill (SB143) that would allow for ten dispensaries and one grow site. Both Gov. Bobby Jindal and the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association support the measure:




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