WRK Poets: Maria Williams-Russell

April and However Long After

by Maria Williams-Russell


I have been watching you spread a small wind over the table

setting the table with ghost forks, transparent plates

what will we eat I wonder


Upstairs you slip under the covers of my bed

the sheets float and settle over the mound of you


Let’s toast you say and we reach our hands across the table

only catching fingers

yours thick with some kind of work


We spend the day quietly undoing a knot

where everything but the knot fades


As if to dream is to be laid to rest

we haven’t eaten and me propped beside the window

this house


Each acorn drops on the roof like sheep


With morning you whistle past the table

or take the breath from my chest


Maria Williams-Russell is the Founding Editor of Shape&Nature Press, an “independent publisher of poetry, fiction, and creative literary projects…with an emphasis on works that challenge readers, either through content, craft, shape, or ideas.” She has excellent taste in chocolates and fashion based reality television. You can find her collection of poems here, and look at all things Shape&Nature here.

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