Morgan Freeman on Marijuana Legalization

Yesterday’s News – May 7, 2015


Image: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Image: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters


Morgan Freeman Loves Marijuana

Morgan Freeman has long been vocal about his cannabis use, and he recently talked with The Daily Beast about legalization. The 77-year-old actor credits cannabis with relieving fibromyalgia pain brought on by devastating injuries he sustained in an automobile accident seven years ago and notes that the plant has numerous benefits including easing grand mal seizures in children. “That right there, to me, says, ‘Legalize it across the board.’”



Now That Cannabis Is Legal, How Will We Tell the Children?

CNN’s piece on talking to kids about legal marijuana includes a variety of opinions and perspectives, from those who believe using cannabis will interfere with your ability to graduate from college to those, such as Cheryl Shuman, who believe that educating children about cannabis is as necessary as educating them about sex and sexuality. There are some anecdotes and tips for how to steer the conversation.


We at WRK always encourage parents and educators to become confidently knowledgeable about the plant and the culture so they can be sure they’re transmitting accurate information. Check out our advice for talking with children about cannabis, and send any questions or comments our way!



The GOP on Cannabis

Several more Republican politicos have announced their candidacy for the White House since the last time we looked at the contenders’ stances on cannabis. Huffington Post has another roundup of views from such GOPers as Dr. Ben Carson, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum (none of whom support recreational legalization, by the way). While the candidates or potential candidates never actually commented on the topic for the article, HuffPo does a nice job of summarizing their positions based on previous remarks and voting records.



Alaska Will Soon Have Marijuana Rules

Almost three months after Ballot Measure 2 went into effect in Alaska, legalizing recreational cannabis, Gov. Bill Walker signed a bill to create a Marijuana Control Board. The Board will be charged with drafting appropriate marijuana regulations for the state, including the licensing process and safety protocols. They will operate in tandem and share staff and resources with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.



Washington’s MMJ/I-502 Debacle

In the midst of great controversy around changing medical marijuana laws in Washington, Mashable takes a look at the three cannabis markets that currently operate in the state and the ramifications of the crackdown on the medical sector.



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