You Can’t Smoke in Here

Yesterday’s News – May 6, 2015



No Smoking: Puerto Rico Allows MMJ But Not Combustion

The details of the executive order issued this weekend by Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla became clearer yesterday, with Justice Secretary Cesar Miranda telling the AP that smoking marijuana will still be illegal, even for medical purposes. Patients will be allowed to inhale certain derivatives, such as “potions,” and edibles and pills should also be acceptable. Look for more details to emerge over the next three months, as Health Secretary Ana Ruis is required to submit a report on the order’s implementation and impact during that time.


Louisiana Senate Okays Medical Marijuana

If you suffer from cancer, glaucoma, or “a severe form of cerebral palsy” and live in the State of Louisiana, you may see your treatment options increase over the next few years. On Monday lawmakers passed a bill that will strictly monitor not only the production of cannabis but also those approved to take it. Senate Bill 143 would allow for ten pharmacies to dispense product cultivated in one state-run facility. Just like in Puerto Rico, you won’t be able to smoke it.



Decriminalization Coming to Texas?

No, no it is not. However, on Monday the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee passed House Bill 507, which would make possession of less than one ounce of cannabis a civil infraction, by a margin of 4-2. The bill will now be sent to the committee in control of the floor’s calendar where, according to The Houston Chronicle, it “has virtually no chance of becoming law in a deeply conservative Legislature.” Still, even making it out of committee represents a major shift for Texas.



Oregon’s Marijuana Sniffing Dogs Facing Early Retirement

Over 60 state employees stand to lose their jobs when cannabis becomes legal on July 1, all of them dogs. Because, like the federal government, they have been trained to recognize cannabis as being as illegal as heroin and cocaine, searches initiated by dogs that turn up both marijuana and an actual dangerous substance could be deemed inadmissible in court. Oregon is currently looking to train a new generation of drug dogs while transitioning five-year veterans of the force like Narc and Cody into a premature life of leisure.



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