Strain Reviews: Pootie-Tang

Starbuds’ Pootie-Tang


What we enjoyed: too cool for words; looks like someone left it in a freezer for a month; might help you earn an advanced degree (upon completion of pre-requisites)



Photo by Sam Sweet

We have had a gloriously busy day. After an early morning flight, our first trip to a legal cannabis shop as a couple, lunch, and a business meeting with our soon-to-be-on-hiatus Denver writer, it’s time to find the hotel and rest our old bones. We’re about to say goodbye as he reaches into his desk drawer and pulls out a long plastic tube. It’s a pre-rolled joint of Pootie-Tang from Starbuds.


“Before you go, I got this the other day. It was free. I’m not sure if it’s any good, but I was saving it for you guys to try. You know, if you want to.”


Of course we want to! It’s WRK’s job to sample as much as possible in order to call attention to strains we all might enjoy. We have an obligation!


Pootie-Tang, most likely a cross between LA Kush and Tang-Tang, is a sativa-rooted hybrid. The Tang-Tang half is probably from the Grind House strain that’s been in circulation for a few years. According to a post on a message board from 2009, claiming to be written by the original producer of the strain, the Tang-Tang is a sativa through and through, from growing conditions and appearance to the high it produces. LA Kush is, of course, more mysterious, coming from that infamously shady family of California Kushes, possibly even a relative of Weekend Review Kit favorite OG Kush.


Maybe it was for this reason that we all found it to be a good daytime flower, and the pre-rolled joint split between three people left the group feeling alert and focused. Everyone was impressed with the Pootie-Tang; in a pre-packaged joint it held its own against strains we had purposefully sought out for their potency, and no one was surprised to see it take third place at this year’s Denver Cannabis Cup.


It’s hard to really get a good feel for flower, though, when it comes pre-rolled. While it’s convenient (and a lot of fun) to buy a big fat joint that someone else made for you, we don’t like using them for reviews. To really get an understanding of a strain you have to break it up in your hands. Because of our commitment to bringing you the most informed reviews possible, we pestered an overworked and exhausted Sam Sweet to stop into Starbuds to get a proper sample. In the midst of completing a Masters of Social Work, raising money to fight multiple sclerosis, and also dealing with his own MS, Sam found the time, and ended up benefiting greatly from the trip.


The notoriety that comes with placing third seems to have made Pootie sort of exclusive. It was more expensive than anything in the store, and not available for medical prices, but still worth it. This batch was so coated in crystals that taking pictures with a flash was difficult. Brownish reddish orange hairs peak through light and green leaves, but they look almost freezer burnt under all the trichromes.



Photo by Sam Sweet


Sam’s in between class and work and papers, and doing his best to sound professional over the phone, but he’s stressed. He retrieves the bud and starts to pull it apart and place it into a grinder. He remarks about how well it breaks up, into something like a fine powder, the way cannabis can when it’s very dry. The Pootie-Tang however is not dry, and Sam’s having a bit of trouble getting all the “dust” off his fingers, because it’s so sticky even when ground.


We don’t get to talk about things other than cannabis nearly enough, so as he’s preparing his bowl he’s telling about the MS walk he did the other day and the plans he’s making post-graduation. Then I hear him inhale.


“It’s kind of like a slap to the back of the throat, that first hit.” (Which makes sense for an herb so crystally.) “It’s almost like a bowl sprinkled with kief. What’s really strange though is the smoke itself isn’t heavy at all, after that first jolt it’s really light and pleasant.”


Something has changed for Sam. He’s got a medical card, he’s most likely had to medicate at some point in the day, and he knows his cannabis. Yet this strain has clearly had an immediate effect on him. He’s more relaxed, which doesn’t seem possible given the amount of work he still has to accomplish before tomorrow morning. Has he given up? Has Pootie-Tang taken away his worry and his ambition and convinced him that he can just blow off his obligations? It’s the opposite, in fact:


“Ten minutes ago I wasn’t thinking about any productive way of approaching all the work I had to do, but over these last four minutes I’ve become more confident that I can, in fact, do this.”


You can do this, Sam! With a little Pootie-Tang from Starbuds, we can all do this!

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