Global Demonstrations to End Cannabis Prohibition

Yesterday’s News – May 4, 2015


nyc cannabis parade

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The Return of Yesterday’s News

We at Weekend Review Kit spent most of last week focused on the events in Baltimore related to Freddie Gray’s homicide at the hands of police and the ensuing protests and uprising that were the decisive rallying cries for a community no longer willing to stand by silently while they are stomped with the boot of oppression, a city no longer willing to witness its own demise, and a generation that will make change. Our city has experienced a great deal of pain over the last several weeks, and, indeed, over the last half-century at least. It is clear to many that much of that pain has been caused by the war on drugs. We’re glad that this is our fight, and we’re glad to bring you Yesterday’s News.



Global Marijuana March

Cannabis legalization supporters gathered in cities around the world this weekend to call for an end to marijuana prohibition and the larger war on drugs. In places like Houston and Forth Worth, Cleveland, Tallahassee, and Portland, OR, activists came together to march, hear speakers, and enjoy live music and other entertainment. In New York City, the demonstration has been renamed the NYC Cannabis Parade and brought out hundreds who called for their state to become the fifth to legalize recreational cannabis. You can find full coverage at NBC News:



House Vote: Veterans Denied Access to Medical Marijuana

An amendment under consideration in the House of Representatives would have enabled Veterans Health Administration doctors to discuss medical marijuana treatment options with patients who reside in legal medical cannabis states. The measure failed by just three votes, a fact that signals great progress from last year, when it was defeated by 26 votes. Advocates are optimistic that this shift indicates that medical marijuana has gained traction in Washington, but that doesn’t help veterans who need the benefits of medical cannabis now. US News and World Report has details:



Legalize Cannabis to Combat Spice

We wrote recently of a deadly synthetic marijuana epidemic and heavily insinuated that it could be prevented with the legalization of an actual, real plant called marijuana. Think Progress agrees with us. Their recent piece by Andrew Breiner summarizes the major differences between real cannabis and synthetically made “spice,” outlines the dangers of ingesting spice, and presents statistics that indicate most spice users would prefer good old fashioned cannabis if they had access to it:



Could the Tesla Battery Make Cannabis Greener?

The Tesla Battery was unveiled last week by Elon Musk in order to “fundamentally change the way the world uses energy.” These home (Powerwall) and business-use (Powerpack) batteries are intended to store electricity generated in off-peak hours or by solar and other renewable resources for use at later times or as a backup during outages. The cannabis industry could certainly put such technology to good use, and Indefinitely Wild explores how:



Big Week in Washington for Cannabis

Marijuana was making waves in the District last week, as the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) brought over 100 professionals together on the Hill to lobby for fair tax policies and access to banking for their state-legal businesses. NCIA members were joined by representatives from the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), the organization that has played a major part in changing cannabis laws in states across the country, and the ArcView Group, which consists of investors looking to grow this emerging industry. In addition to educating members of Congress on the benefits of cannabis regulation, participants celebrated MPP’s 20th anniversary and were introduced to the biggest new cannabusinesses at ArcView’s Pitch Forum. The Hill has more:



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